Has anyone from Canada ordered anything from x arcade?

I bought a stick locally recently but I wanted to order some adapters from their site to save a bit of money (because they gauge you on the damn things anyways) but I was wondering what kind of customs taxes I can expect

where are the parts made? Just don’t use ground shipping. It really pisses me off when people say "ZOMG DONT SHIP WITH FED EX OR UPS YOU WILL GET RAPED WITH BROKERAGE}

Well no shit its because you used the cheapest shipping option, USE EXPATIATED ITS INCLUDED.

For the record, for anyone looking at this thread-- Don’t bother with X-Arcade! So many superior gaming options for around the same price.

Like the TE and HRAP series:

I don’t know how x-gaming stays in business…

:u: This.
Get a te or hrap vlx for japanese parts or a mas for american parts.