Has anyone had any success in beating out reversal SRK's with the Demon Flip Throw?

It seems that Eita might have this down somewhat consistently. Not only does he pull it off at about 4:24 of this vid, but he seems to go for it again at about 6:04, though he gets punished for it this time:


I’ve tried doing it in training mode but I’m just not able to pull it off. Anyone have any insight or advice?

I’ve done it a few times but I feel that demon flip kick is more reliable. It doesn’t work on Ryu, Dan, or Akuma very well. But it eats Ken and Sagat’s SRK a little more often than others. It’s a judgement call.

As a demon flip abuser, I use the kick more often on Sagat and Ken, and the throw on Ryu and Akuma. I have a pretty good success rate, though doing it against Ryu with Ultra is a bit silly imo.

Demon Flip Throw doesn’t work on any kind of SRK. Eita threw them because the other dude thought he was going to palm and blocked, thus he got grabbed. Kicks beat out SRK’s, but only Ken’s and Sagat’s.

No, I have demonflipped many an SRK wakeup reversal before. It works on all Shotos. I’m just not sure about which SRK it was. Most likely they were trying to do a “Safe” LP SRK or something.


I have done it a couple of times…but mostly I’ve ate a reversal srk.Demon flip kick is the better option tho,some time I palm just to mind fudge them lol…but not ryu…just Demon kick his ass

Demon flip kick isn’t the greatest of options against Ryu >.>. HP with trade, and then you’ll eat either a EX-fireball, or an ultra.

And Digital Warlord…haha. Idiot.

Yeah, Demon Flip Kick tends to get beaten by Ryu’s HP SRK, which is why I’m interested in learning how to Demon Flip Throw it consistently.

Any tips on how to time it?

I don’t think it’s a safe bet on the wakeup SRK. It’s too good of a counter, I just don’t see the frames in which you can consistently beat out the shoryu. It might work against a tiger uppercut but there are safer options.

Better to purposely wiff the demon flip punch. You insta-land, block the SRK and punish. If there’s no SRK go immediately to your crouching LP+LK and combo from there.

Generally I only bust out the throw for the purpose of mixup when I’m baiting them to block the demon flip kick.

For best results, I generally try to time the throw so that it goes off right as they get to their feet. If they try to reversal, it should grab, as long as you’ve done it right. If you’re too high and they shoryu, you get hit. If they haven’t fully gotten up, you whiff and land in front of them.

I usually do HK DF Kick and land behind Ryu for another throw and continue the wakeup pressure. Trying to connect the kick is quite a chore. With an HK demon flip, SRKs (EX included) will whiff allowing for all types of free damage. This tactic works best by using it in the MIXUP. Do not try it over n over n over. One of my series goes like this…

Forward Throw, dash, dash, HK DF (land behind), forward throw, dash, dash, MK DF throw, dash, MK DF kick, combo of choice.

It’s quite the chaos when done well.

what about other reversals?

can cannon spikes, blanka balls, sumo headbutts be demon flip thrown?

does anyone have experience with flash kicks? don’t know if my timing is off, or it’s just impossible.

In my experience, it is way too unsafe to try to demon flip throw those options. I’m not sure about it being possible, but for reference:

Cammy: Palm, block, punish.
Honda: Dive kick should beat out headbutt.
Blanka: Dive kick works fairly well against all but EX-Upball
Guile: Dive kick should beat out all flash kicks if done correctly.

Interestingly, I found out that you can demon flip throw a Bison out of an EX-Psycho crusher on startup. Has anybody tried this with headstomp?

I think Bison is considered airborn on the stomps first frame, so probably won’t happen.

Bah. Well at least I can stop EX-Crusher. That’s one less escape tactic he has. LPN is a pain in the ass to knock down though -_-.

I myself avoided SRK with Deamon flip. You need a perfect timing. It is really hard :slight_smile:

Answer to the OP


ryu/akuma/ken it’s hard because of the tiny window of frames you have to do it…so you’re better off not trying…

any 5 frame dPs cammy/sagat is a little easier…I’d still advise not to try it

7+ frame uppercuts (i.e. C. Viper) I’d say go for it…it’s really easy to even just regular throw this…

I was almost positive doing flip throw on Cammy was next to suicidal.