Has anyone had "slippage" problems with TE?


Hey guys… new to the site… just got my TE and the thing just slips all over the place, on my lap, and on my glass top table… any solutions???



go find a stable old table (not in use) and screw the TE to the table,


yea i bolted mine down and its a dream! … i wouldnt have it any other way…


I stitched sandpaper on my shorts…


pull you shorts up so the stick touches your skin…for the table…idk how it moves but yeah best thing is to bolt it down


i realize that you can bolt it down, but any other solutions?


Spray this on the bottom if its that big an issue to you.



don’t play so hard on it. Seriously it really shouldn’t slip much at all. Are you using your whole arm to move the stick or what?


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Instant classic.


Yeah thats true…

Use your hands not your arm…its not supposed to slip unless your legs are angled…


try a tv tray? and lay off the lube dude…


Thanks for the “dont use lube advice”… anyways, I found a solution… I got one of the suction-cups, and I put them where the original rubber stopper thingy was and it works like a charm… and I will try to be more gentle with the my TE…



take it apart it will void the warranty but put some weights in it like 2 2 1/2 pound weights its should do the trick


lol it just hit my mind when your in super serious mode on playing and too much friction you might get your skin burned hehe


cheap ‘n’ easy way to fix it–use it on my IIDX controllers, works like a charm.

Stick some of that gummy stuff used to hang posters up with on the bottom of it and put it on a table or something. You’ll be out maybe a dollar.


Are you a machine gunner?

Mash buttons and twirl the stick bang bang bang

till you win? If so that explains why its moving

My friend plays like that…


I bought strips of velcro at radio shack that came with 4 in one pack. I used one strip and cut it into 4 square shaped pieces and stuck them on the corners of the stick. It’s very nice.


I don’t get how it’s moving…I play on my lap on my bet and it doesn’t move an inch. The stick is super precise, you just need to move it slightly so it hits the switches. I hardly move the stick to it’s max range while playing, except when I want to do a quick ultra/super or when I need to dash real fast.