Has anyone had the chance to try out the chronusmax?


i’m looking to pick up a xbox1 in january. i would really like to play killer instinct on a stick but sacrificing an xbox one pcb to padhack seems so wasteful. i don’t anticipate any third party controllers coming out for awhile either. this new chronusmax supposedly supports xboxone and ps4 but i have concerns about the possible input lag and the macro capability. if you really could program out some 70hit combo wouldn’t xbox live and psn patch against it eventually? has anyone had any issues with the first version at tournaments? thanks

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how can you patch against it? if you do the same combo with the same frame perfect execution you’ll get banned along with the cronus macro-ers. the system doesn’t know the difference between a robot telling the xb1 which buttons were pressed vs someone actually pressing them.

as for sacrificing a pad, you could in theory have a db25 cord or similar come out of the pad and use it as an external padhack for an existing stick with that cord, and then like a normal pad when not being used with a stick.


The consensus of the Community here is just avoid the CHRONUS.

Back when the regular Chronus was $99 no one was willing to spend $99 and test it out.
It was later revealed at tournaments that the Chronus device would interfere with the other players controller, making the device banned at some tournaments.
Again no hardcore testing was done.

What is known is every adapter ever has some lag to it, and you are always better off with a PCB that offers native support (hence the need for pad-hacks and 3rd party PCBs).
It will be a while until some 3rd party game pads come out, there is a possibility that some 3rd party PCBs will not be mod friendly.


I received mine yesterday, it works great. I played vs for a few hours with my arcade stick without any trouble and zero noticeable lag.

Haters be hatin.

The only down side to it, is that you need to authenticate it with a legit xbox one controller each time the system is power cycled and the controller used to authenticate it cannot be used while the Cronus is in use as the Cronus copies the controllers device id, so if you want to use the Cronus to avoid buying a 2nd xbox one controller, then it is not for you.




Some of the early ps2-360 adapters did that as well. Curious to see if any one with really thorough testing standards gets a good hold of one to really put it through its paces


Interesting, the max needs to piggyback like early Xbox 360 converters did.

I ordered one, haven’t received it yet. I’ll be testing it thoroughly.


Also, this is NOT a ‘haters be hatin’ thing. This is a… device made by this same company messed up a tournament thing.


I don’t think it’s the lag that causes much opposition but rather the interference of the cronus on other USB devices. Playing one player, sure be my guest, but when two play it was the (assumed) fact that it messed up other controllers leading it to be banned.

As Darksakul said, no testing has been done. It is easy to say there is no lag when lag would not appear in the form of seconds of delay, but rather milliseconds of delay, fractions of seconds that are MUCH harder to perceive that a second of delay. You can say you played for a few hours and say there is no lag, but the question of methods of testing for said lag is raised as a question. Sure a few milliseconds may seem minuscule but they can make a difference.

So with that being said I’m curious how you tested for this lag.

I’m sorry for being a little rude but that middle part of the “haters be hatin” sort of set me off for a few reasons:

  1. no documentation of testing
  2. supposed testing was for a few hours of just playing the game
  3. questions came into mind in respect to 2 and how controlled this testing was
  4. the power of eye observation isn’t always the best.


Also the max supports macros, so there’s a 0% chance majors will allow you to use one. Unless there’s a really easy way to deprogram all macros (like force a factory setting wipe or something, but maintain the latest firmware) that can be done by TOs on site.


To be fair and non-bias, also were lacking test data.

Reasons to get a Cronus

  1. Relatively Easy mod-free multiple system compatibility.
  2. Works with a wide range of 1st and 3rd party products.
  3. Currently the price is approximately the same as a PS360+ PCB for Dual-mod

Reasons not to get a Cronus

  1. Native controllers/ PCBs works better for their intended systems. This is text book computer science logic.
  2. Device is banned at several tournaments where the device is suspected with interference with the other player(s).
  3. Dual-Mods and Pad-hacks are guaranteed/proven to work (assuming the mod is done correctly)
  4. Less of a chance to void Manufacturers warranty on game console. It is known unapproved, unlicensed devices will avoid your console’s warranty even if the device is proven not to cause damage.
  5. New Macro support looses credibility in competitive gaming communities (example MLG, FGC ect…)


I wish all of these people championing the cronus would do some hardcore testing, getting some serious tests setup (like the cthulhu vs eightarc test) with recording.

Thankfully @Markman is stepping up and is going to provide the definitive test on sdtechin, however as mentioned previously even if the cronus has 7-12 ms input delay (aka acceptable) then the macro issue becomes unavoidable for tourney players.

Futhermore, having to carry around a pad + stick at tournies is a downside, not a huge one, but space management when attending tournies is something to keep in mind and adding one more item to the list of stuff you absolutely need to compete doesn’t help the case for the cronus.


Eh, not really, once you get to understand what is required for this type of stuff that’s pretty on the mark.


It’s also why it can’t really get patched out, it spoofs a legit controller by using said controller to bypass so there’s nothing really to catch. It’s not a bad product by any means, but it has it’s limitations and one huge one is that it’s definitely not ideal for tournaments.


I would not be surprised of these new members who are champions of the Cronus are the manufacturer’s employees.
I rather the Cronus makes be direct with us than trying to pose as regular members, it appears very dodgy.
Even if your product falls from its promises, we would respect straight forwards honesty.


Here’s the list of controllers that can authenticate the CronusMAX on the 360, it’s the handful that are highlighted in red.


A wireless official controller connected via USB won’t work, as even though the controller charges via USB it still sends all inputs wirelessly.

Edit: No idea where the link went.


thanks for all the input! its hard to find information on the chronusmax that dosen’t come straight from the company. i guess i’ll stick to the pad for awhile until more fighting games come out for the newgen systems.


It seems like a cost effective solution, but then again if we’re talking owning multiple consoles, is the person really hard pressed for the money? Haha. Jk.

Seriously tho, I’m considering ordering one, until I can get my stick dual modded with Xbox One and PS4 compatibility.


I’m also waiting on the final verdict on this before I order one.


I’m very interested in seeing how these turn out. Been checking sites every day multiple times a day hoping the TE2 is in stock and it never is. Guess it’s time to start looking into other options. :-/


The latest twitter blowup is that chronus max will literally burn out USB ports on consoles, has happened at multiple tournies now, and has 100% confirmed bricked consoles by burning out the usb ports so GG no more arcade sticks can be used on that console.

Expect a 100% ban from all tournies pretty soon because TOs won’t want to deal with replacing consoles.