Has anyone had the chance to try out the chronusmax?


Nobody’s sure because it’s not like the engineers at chronus or microsoft are going to release an official statement, it’s probably a combination of poor quality materials, poor programming and/or an incorrect method of communicating with the console.


Do they know if it’s burning out the controllers for the USB ports or physically breaking them? Any adapter like that is going to put a lot more stress on the USB port if you plug it directly in. Mine’s working pretty well so far but I’m running it through an extension cord to avoid stress on the ports. But if it’s burning them out I’d like to know so I can keep it unplugged whenever I’m not using it.

To me it’s not a bad option if you have an xbox one since you can only get a TE2 from scalpers right now as far as I know, but for any other system the money’s probably better off going towards an arcade stick.


The reports are that the console’s ports are unusable for arcade stick use after the chronusmax has been used, because it’s during tourneys that these reports are being made I don’t believe there’s been a full tech talk approved autopsy on damage caused by the chronus max.

CronusMax worth buying?

Its burnout. It gets too hot when run for a period of time.


The cronus does?

It seems really odd that it actually burns the port out, considering the lengths at which console makers protect the host ports on their systems from things like shorts and overdraw on current. I mean, we have some power hog sticks built here in TT and it never pushes a system that far.

At a guess, the physical length extension plus the weight of the cords is causing a torque effect and bending or breaking pins or even pads on the USB A connector. Hell, it could be causing a breaking on the cronus itself which causes something. Coupled with how rough people plug into/remove cables from consoles at tournaments, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Someone mentioned focus attack might have some spare boxes from Youmacon that had problems after a Cronus was used on the system, perhaps they can loan it out to me and I can poke around, what I’d find I’m not sure. Initially I thought the system used SMT for the USB connectors, but then I remembered that it’s a dual connector stack that I’m pretty sure is through hole, so perhaps the physical breaking isn’t the problem… at least on the motherboard itself.

Either way, TO’s do NOT want to deal with even having that chance, and coupled with the easy macros this EVO season these will be banned from play, guaranteed.


I think it is the USB Host controller on the consoles mainboard or the USB port it self take too much physical damage.

I guess I never trying it now, even if this is just a rumor. I am not risking breaking a console to test out an adapter.

Sure Microsoft will make a statement. Its basic legalese. MS will condemn the Chronus device for not just bricking consoles but also that it is a unlicensed device and make some sort of statement that using the Chronus will void your systems warranty. Also I am sure Microsoft and Sony once they are aware of the Chronus will send Cease and desist letters to the folks that make the Chronus.


I’m curious about how this will all turn out. I bought a CronusMAX during Black Friday, thinking of using the regular Xbox360 controller for games on the PS3 that depend on the analog sticks (I vastly prefer the Xbox360 controller analog sticks over the Dual Shock 3 ones).

From what I gathered, there is a fair bit of suspicious information, possibly due to people thinking of older Cronus hardware instead of the CronusMAX and sometimes labeling it CromusMAX. I’m not saying the CronusMAX may not indeed be an adapter to stay away from, but thorough testing should be done before stating anything conclusive, IMO (good to hear MarkMan is working on it :)). Also, CronusMAX is alledgedly developed by a team that wasn’t behind older Cronus products.

The macros issue is more serious, tournament-wise. :frowning: I recall reading the company intends to release a macroless solution for tournaments (here: http://www.cronusmax.com/forums/showthread.php?t=141000 ).


Then it should be brought to the developers attention and they should be the ones showing us that the new one is safe for use and figure out WHY the old one did what it did to prove that the new one does not.

The TE version of it would be nice, supposing that the previous issues are cleared. It NEEDS to be physically different, it’s way too hard to tell just at a glance, TO’s and pool runners don’t have time to inspect it any further than a “yeah, this is the TE version, I can tell because x.”


This 100% can’t be the case, it’s not like people are reporting that in a first-to-a-million with friends this is happening, we’re talking tournies, that’s 2-3 games.
If you have to unplug your adapter every 2-5 minutes to prevent it from overheating then something is wrong.

Unless your argument is the console runs too hot and it’s the console that warps the chronus which causes damage, which is a faulty assumption because I wager that these big budget consoles have been through QA once or twice and “controllers being plugged in don’t brick the console” is probably a test.


From that thread:

Hmmm. Since I guess it’ll be just a different firmware and the “being able to tell” issue has been brought to their attention, I presume it’ll be something on the device’s display…

Who Are CronusMAX?


Perhaps, if it’s not super obvious no TO will allow it, they don’t have time to dink around. It’s the same reason that Wiz said no to dual shock 3 wired mods, there’s just no way to accurately enforce it.

The guy stated in that thread:

I’m hoping they decide on something physical, not just a display change. I know they’ve already paid for molding and whatnot, so it’s going to be a hard pressed decision but if they want it tourney viable spending another couple thousand to ensure it gets used is probably smart. Chances are they don’t care enough though, since probably 90% of their user base is home players who won’t ever need it.

My other statement still stands, even IF they made a TE version, they need to PROVE that their new unit doesn’t damage hardware or cause issues like the old version did. If they don’t, a TE version will still be unusable at tournaments.


*focus fire


I managed to find a TE2 in stock and figured I’d do an informal lag test vs a stick running though the cronusmax. I don’t have the setup for a proper test so I just set up a vs mirror match with saberwulf. From a distance the moves seem to come out at the same time but in a face to face jab vs jab test the saberwulf running through the TE2 had about half of his green life bar when he killed the saberwulf running through the cronusmax.

So the cronusmax seems to have at least a few milliseconds of lag, probably not enough to ever notice when playing online since it doesn’t even compare to online lag, but definitely enough to be a disadvantage in a local match.


Why you run a Xbox One controller though a cronusmax to play a Xbox One game on a Xbox One

Worlds only Xbox One to Xbox One adapter.

Yeah I know so you can test out the lag, but random statements saying “feels okay” isn’t the test data people on this forum wants.
They looking for hard figures, numbers, test data.

Something to this effect would be great


Where did I say I ran an xbox one stick through the cronsumax? I ran a hrap v3 through the cronusmax vs the te2. I’m sure markman or someone with better equipment will run a proper test eventually but I figured with the current info being “I have a brand new account and I love it, it has no lag” or “it will set your usb ports on fire” I’d at least run a quick comparison.


Any updates?


On What? CronusMax testing? Or Tournament Status?




The one guy who had a separate thread spawned a bit of discussion, but for the most part there’s been nothing super definitive.

A lot of reports of burned out ports, a lot of reports that they’re fine. Likely it’s the discrepancy between the two companies behind chronus and just what exactly is a chronus.

There’s been a pretty wide consensus that until a tourney edition comes out that looks entirely different there’s no chance that the devices will be allowed at most tourneys.


Not a thing.

One guy tried some testing but the testing was unscientific and was prone to bias.