Has anyone had their videos posted on CV without permission?

This morning i noticed that my new Guile video was posted on ComboVideos.com and uploaded to their video archive. Now i’m generally grateful for the services that CV provides to the community. I even thanked CV as a reference in my video’s credits for providing access to so many classic videos.

But i was under the impression that they asked every video author for permission before hosting the video. They certainly never asked me though. It’s pretty fucked up to spend so much time working on something for the benefit of the community, only to have someone assimilate it into their library without even bothering to ask.

How many other people has this happened to?

Im sure they do it with permission. So it might be a mistake I’ve been a support for 3 years now so yea…

But on behalf I apologize


Well, here’s what happened to me. I saw my video posted by MJ on their front page and nobody from CV had approached me about it beforehand. So i left this comment in the news post:

Nothing happened for a couple of hours. Then i checked CV again in the evening and the entire news post was gone. My video wasn’t on their front page anymore, but nobody even bothered to contact me about the situation. They just erased the whole thing and made it look like nothing had happened. So i thought that was their (very shady) way of admitting their mistake and addressing the problem.

But then i realized that my video was still in their archive. All they had done was delete the news post to get rid of my complaint. This isn’t the first time that an issue has arisen on CV and all of the evidence has been deleted or covered up. I’d love to resolve the issue without bringing it over to SRK but i’m sick and tired of putting up with the moderator abuse that goes on there. Now i’m wondering how many other people have voiced complaints only to have them deleted outright.

i used to upload a lot of break videos and host them when the break was nice

they hosted a bunch i didn’t really care

but then i found some on youtube and its like “originally brought to you by combovideos.com” and they took out my intro (with link to the website where i wa shosting them) and replaced it with their logo

i wish i bookmarked it because i forget what videos they were

Man that’s fucked up. Can’t believe how many people there are who just don’t care where a certain video came from or how it was created. Makes no fucking sense to me. If you like some video, why wouldn’t you want to get in touch with the person who made it? Maybe you can find out if they made more or maybe they’ll hook you up with similar videos made by other people you’ve never heard of.

Haha, i remember when CV used to put their URL in all of the files they hosted. I also remember when they used to direct link to everyone’s videos without even saying a word to the author. They don’t do that anymore, do they?

They’ve actually put up stuff ripped from tournament DVDs (granted, usually Japanese ones), so I guess it’d make sense.

That editing thing is whack though, I’d never heard of them jacking somebody for their credit like that.

Maj- pardon the weird question, but why do you mind? Assuming the video is the same and still mentions Sonic-hurricane.com and your name/special thanks etc, what’s the problem with their hosting your vid?

Its the principle of distribution without consent. In all honestly I’d love it if my videos were to get more attention. I would just rather be informed about it, so that not only will I get some credit, but I’d also be able to address any problems or concerns for any of the viewers.

I know that one or 2 videos of mine are hosted/linked on godweapon.net, and another at like bloodbath.com or something like that. In both cases I wasn’t aware of it until I decided to go searching on google for my username and see what pops up.

Thats obviously not mentioning several videos making their way onto youtube by other viewers that may either claim them as their own or whatever else.

They’ve certainly linked directly to files on my site without asking, which I thought was pretty nasty. I asked MJ to stop doing that and I think they’ve stopped.

I found that YouTube was extremely responsive when I asked them to take down footage of mine that had been put up by random people. If anybody needs the template, let me know.

Well, that depends. If i’m the only one this has happened to, then i really don’t have much of a problem. I’ll just assume it’s a fluke or an honest mistake and forget it. Kinda unlikely though, if you think about it … Was it also a fluke that they deleted the news post containing my comment, without actually removing the video?

On the other hand, if the people doing the updates on CV don’t give a shit about getting permission from authors before hosting videos they like, then i do have a problem. And it’s a simple one. What’s the point of going through all the trouble of making these videos for free and building communities, if nobody’s even gonna bother talking to each other?

It’s ironic too, because i’ve heard random CV staff members complain about how their forums are very inactive relative the number of hits/downloads they get. Well if the website’s leaders can’t even be bothered to contact the authors of the content they’re claiming, how can they complain about lack of feedback? It’s not like CV has any content of its own. There are no articles or expert blogs/columns or anything of the sort on that website. Just content made by outside people - some of whom needed hosting so they contacted CV staff and others who may not even know that their video is being hosted.

At the end of the day i don’t really care how many people see my videos. One interesting comment is worth more than a thousand downloads and/or a thousand ratings on some arbitrary scale.

I had my video STOLEN !! I posted 2 lag cvs2 vids on google about 2 years ago and someone reposted on youtube but cut out the names and put their name AND he disabled commenting too. I really dont know what to say…:rofl:

maybe next time put your name in the corner of the screen from beginning to end :looney:

A while back, I found my videos that were ONLY available through Preppy’s site on youtube. I was never contacted or credited for the videos and when I found out, I sent a message requesting either to take all the videos downs or to edit the info and to properly credit me and Preppy for the original hosting. He apologized and make the edit and everything was fine afterwards.

There was another time that I was sent a pm or email or something from another individual who reposted my vids on youtube. At least he sent me a message, but it was like “I hope you don’t mind if I posted your vids on youtube, but if you want me to take them down I will…” or something like that.

Listen up people. We work hard to get these footages/videos to you. The least you can do is ask BEFORE reposting or mirroring. Sure, I’d love the exposure, but it defeats the purpose of me having my videos hosted on a specific site, then having someone else host them on youtube/google video under THEIR name/account. Some of you have seen my videos and a lot of them aren’t space friendly due to the quality of the vids and when you see them on youtube it looks like shit. Flash video bs or whatever is not the same and degrades quality.

It is nice to know that other people enjoy your vids, but to find out that it’s hosted on another site without your permission is slap in the face. No respect. All you have to do is ask. Sure I won’t mind as long as I’m credited and everyone else who helped.

This sounds like some shady stuff, I wonder if MJ will actually comment on this or avoid this thread completely.
Youtube is proving to be a problem for people to. The day after the Evo MrWizard was scouting youtube looking for the finals matches on there, and low and behold there was some CvS2 finals.

If it keeps happening like this you just know they’re gonna ban cameras :confused:

LOLOL you gotta link me to that vid snake, i def. have to see this:rofl:

If you find any vids on my channel you want removed just pm me or comment on the vid. I have mostly japanese matchvids but i think i have some combovids which i have fully credited the author for.

happened to the combo video I made for Garou, didn’t get asked for it or nothing and bam it goes up on CV. I wasn’t really mad about it though but it would have been nice if they asked first.

since this thread involves youtube aswell. I had to ask someone to take down one of my vids. The main reason was that when it was uploaded the sound because desyncd and my editing looking fucking awful. I’d spent so much time editing every cut to be in time with the music and then it appears on youtube in a horrible, horrible form. it had to go, lol.

Yeah that’s exactly it! How much extra work is it to ask someone? It just makes no sense to me no matter how hard i try to understand it. Do they not realize that this sort of thing creates resentment among the people providing them with content? Or are they operating under the conception that they’ll never run out of new material, because if they piss off one combo video maker there will always be more of us to take their place?

And meanwhile, MJ is STILL direct linking to videos over at his news blog thing. Seriously, is it THAT much more work to link to the movie page instead of direct linking to the files?

See, now, some dude in Japan who works hard on making videos is gonna look at his webstats and get pissed that some random American is stealing his bandwidth. Then the next time i want to get in touch with that dude, he’s going to be that much less open to dealing with me. All because one guy couldn’t be bothered to be considerate enough to use common internet courtesy/etiquette.

If NewChallenger.Net’s database is currently linking to anyone’s Youtube videos that happen to be up without their permission please PM me and I’ll personally request that the uploader remove them and also erase the NC thread, apologies in advance.

so where’s MJ hiding now?