Has anyone heard from Toodles?

Hello all,

I ordered stuff from godlikecontrols.com way back at the beginning of January and it’s been sitting in pre-shipment (ie, USPS hasn’t received it yet) ever since then. I’ve tried to contact @Toodles via PM and email and haven’t heard back from him. I’ve ordered stuff from him before and have had nothing but good experiences, so at this point, I’m getting a little concerned for his well-being more than my order. Has anyone heard from him? Is he okay?

UPDATE: I received my package on March 11, 2016 about 2 months after I ordered it. No communications from Toodles, but I’m glad the order is resolved.

Oh man…


IDK about Toodles though

Last I heard he found his marbles and went back to Neverland.

Could’ve fooled Smee.

Toodles is here in Boise and apparently he hasn’t been very involved in the FGC as of late.

Edit: He is alive and well, just busy as all hell with work. I’m guessing SFV has put a lot of demand on product. I’m sure you’ll hear something soon.

Last order I put in went through, pretty sure that was as recent as November or December.
Surprised the hell out of me to see Kittys back in stock too, I was sure that was a dead product after the initial run.

Thanks for the info. Does anyone know @Toodles personally, and could they possibly contact him on my behalf. I didn’t make a big order, but I’d like to get it resolved sooner rather than later.

His personal business is none of my business, but it’s not cool when someone leaves their REAL business out in the cold. If he doesn’t have the time or interest in selling those products and fulfilling orders anymore, he really should put a notice on his page and turn the shopping cart off. I have seen time and time again where real life catches up to someone and their reputation within the community is soured because they couldn’t take the time for proper communication and handling. He seems like a cool guy and sells products that are needed and valued, but if this goes like it has so many previous times, we will have lost a valuable asset to the FGC. It’s almost impossible to recover when everyone is screaming “where’s my money or my stuff!” The internet never forgets!

To update everyone, while I didn’t receive any communications, I did receive my package on Friday, so I’m glad that’s resolved.