Has anyone here fought zangitan_8516 on the psn?



I think he’s the best gief in the world


Nope, but I imagine if I did it would suck, since my connection and location can’t get green bars even close to here, let alone back in Japan. (I’m not in Tokyo at the moment)

I’ve fought him in arcades, though, so I don’t need a reminder of how much he can kick my ass. lol


guy above me, ever played momochi?


yea his gief is a fcuking nasty wrecking machine lol

Have u ever fought itabashi btw?


Never played Momochi, 'cuz I think he chills in Aichi, not Tokyo.

Funny story about Itabashi Zangief:

I’m currently 9-2 vs. him.

4-1 vs. his Ryu, 5-0 vs. his Dhalsim, and 0-1 vs. his Zangief. :rofl:

If you want me to compare Itabashi and Zangitan, I think Zangitan is better hands down.


damn your 9-2 against him, do u main gief as well? oh btw do u think zangitan is going to complete at evo?


It’s really not that impressive. His Ryu is pretty average, as is his Dhalsim. My #1 in Boxer, but he’s kind of boring, so my #1.5 is Gief.

I have no idea if he’s going to Evo. Probably not, though. I doubt there are a lot of Japanese players that can fork over that much money to come over. Street Fighter isn’t their job.


yea, the reason why i asked because i heard that the top 8 japanese player are competing there and i figured he’d be one of them


do we really know which japanese players are actually coming to evo other than daigo? i was watching the spooky stream today and people were just making shit up and saying that this guy was coming and that guy wasn’t. i heard mago and tokido were also coming but then i hear they’re not. any idea? i’d love too see a zangitan, itabashi, or cantona come just to see how a world class gief would fare.


well, hopefully at least one of those top tier gief are going to evo as i would like to see how they would fair with the american competition. right now i know as much as u do…btw i played u a few times in the past in vanilla and everytime i see your name on there i’m always thinking your a bison player


actually, i still main gief but also play honda and dictator occasionally.