Has anyone here played Last Blade 2?

I just got a Neo-Geo system as a gift. It came with King of Fighers 2000 which I absolutely love. I’ll be honest tho…I’ve never really played any Fighers before.

Well anyways, I’m looking got expeand my Neo-Geo collection and came across someone that’s willing to sell me Last Blade 2 for really cheap. The thing is tho I’ll have to import it from Japan. The shipping cost is almost four times the amount of the actual cart. I was wondering if anyone here has played it, and if you have can you recommend it?

I’ve already ordered Samurai Spirits III and King of Fighers 2002.

Definately, Especially if its coming with the case and what not. Its a good game, Takes some sort of learning to it though. But good none the less.

Check your PM.

Last Blade 2 is fun and the music and graphics are :tup: its entertaining.

LOL did you ask him to play you in ST?

First of all, who gets a Neo Geo as a gift? Aren’t those things rare and expensive as hell? Weirdness…

They run about $150.00-200.00. I’ve owned about 5. Not very rare or all that expensive. Some of the games are way over priced since the market is jacked up by a few people. Meh, save your money and get a modded x box.

Or a phantom-1 convertor for your neo geo. MVS carts are still pretty cheap, except for like, samurai shodown special. If you want to play some of the better fighters that aren’t early neo geo games, that’s generally the cheapest approach.

Last Blade 2 is a very good game but it’s hard as shit! That last guy Kohryu i think his name is, he is an asshole! He fucks u up and doesn’t even taunt like he’s to good for it! but then again if he did taunt i think i’d be madder! oh well.VIVA LA LAST BLADE DOS!

Well a Grandmother saw it fit to bring me back one from Japan when she was there last month. She was out shopping for some Turbo Duo games that I wanted her to pick up when one of her friends recommended the she buy me this system. So she did along with KoF2k and a couple of SHMUPS (Last Resort and Pulstar).

neo-geo actually isn’t that high if u get it off ebay! shit I got a PSP on ebay for 50 bucks. people on that site have no idea wat shit is worth! if you get it straight from the company though I think Neo-Geo is like 315$

Yeah didnt care for it to much.

Last Blade 2 is a pretty fun game and would recommend it for sure…though I’m sure you could probably find a better deal for it. Good luck on your searching and have fun with the game…take care.


Last Blade 2 is a good game. I still play it fairly often. It Does take some learning tho, but nothing to hard.

Thank god I got a neo CD with every game, saved me lots of cash

I personally loved the game. It’s a great play for fun type game but nothing I’d take too seriously as there are some broke ass things you can do in that game.

haha the newer games have over 2 minute load times between rounds
neo cd is good for older titles but damn near unplayable for the newer stuff

um the newer stuff is on cartridges!

by newer stuff I meant the latest neo cd releases
pretty much anything after kof 97 had shit load times
don’t be a retard

Last Blade 2 = One of SNK masterpieces in all aspects.