Has anyone here played with a Nyga?



So I’ve never played a fighter with a nyga before, although cheap, nygas seem to be intended for PS and PC. Nygas may use one of those chinese zero delay knock offs. Has anyone here used a nyga? I’d never buy one but they do pop up a lot on ebay searches, I figure a Chinese Nyga with offbrand components is probably likely to burn the house down. My favorite part is the bass logo, its so wtf its beautiful.


In before the racism!


But whatever do you mean? This Nyga (Nai-ga in Mandarin) isn’t racist.



Heh, getting flashbacks of when Boondocks used to be good.

Anyway, I was interested until I saw the button sizes according to the listing. 25mm and 35mm?


@axi‌ you knew what you were doing there…lol