Has anyone here work on a Taito Type X2?


The Taito Type X2 is an expensive piece of arcade hardware. It’s the platform that Super Street Fighter IV AE 2012 is operated on. When ever I go to arcades I always see them played in different type of cabinets. Sometimes I see it played on an old school CRT cabinet and there are times when I see it played on a big LCD monitor that was in a Frankenstein cabinet.

My question is how do these Taito Type X2 work? How do you put it in an old school jamma arcade machine and how do you put it in an LCD screen? Also has anyone hooked it up to a supergun? And even more important question, has anyone hooked it up to those EVO ASUS monitor.

I also saw a single player AE and a two player AE where you can play two players on one machine. I thought SF4 always needed two machines?

Please give me as much info as possible about the Taito Type X2 if you can.

Thank you.



heres a listing from an aussie forum…

seems like they just use capcom io, they’re essentially a crappy pc running basically off the shelf parts and a special windows xp. the prices took a big hit when the games got dumped


Whoa only a grand for all that?

What you mean “got dumped”. (Sorry I don’t know the jargon lol) Does that mean you can emulate Taito Type X2 games already?

Ya I heard the Taito is just a PC. But right now one website is selling SSF4 AE 2012 for 9K.

Also I want to know up to how many Taito Type X2 boards you can link match in SSF4 AE 2012. I read somewhere you can only link match up to 4 cabs. Not sure though.

But thanks for the info.


I actually just purchased the one you quoted.

Any resources anyone has, links for information and so on would be really appreciated :slight_smile:


Google is your best friend


Dumped as in extracted from original hardware and copy protection removed. The games are now available for download around the internet, which is obviously what the seller has done. None of those games are genuine, or at least not the normally expensive ones aren’t…

Type X2 is just a PC running Windows XP Embedded and a JVS I/O board for interfacing with the cabinet controls. There wouldn’t really be any emulation involved, just removing the parts of the code which prohibits execution on a normal Windows installation, which from what I can tell has been done successfully.


Not like I haven’t tried buddy.


Hi Don,

I’ll be happy to answer your questions since I own one for KOF and work on the AA SF4 cabs.

About the video pretty much is just a video card with dual DVI outputs so you can hook different adapters (DVI to HDMI, DVI to VGA, etc) depending on what you need to hook it up to. I’ve hooked it up to an EVO Asus monitor before. It even has an S-video output which actually works and I’ve used before.

About the converters you can use a JVS to Jamma for games with up to 5 buttons or the Capcom I/O board for games with more than 5 buttons to hook it up to an Astro City or one of those old school cabinet.

Unfortunately for this case Google is not your friend, as I found very little information only most of it was trial and error.


Is the taito JVS hardware an expansion card, or what exactly? I’ve seen the pictures of the Taito boards, but cound never tell which ports where USB or JVS. I’d like to know more about the JVS hardware, especially if its a JVS->USB type device since those are easier for me to tinker with than expansion cards.


They are not expensive they go for $75-$125 on ebay, just type jvs to jamma or jvs i/o board. you hook up the USB input that comes from the Taito board to the USB port in the JVS board and that’s how it works. pretty simple.


Thanks Oscar,

It’s good to know that you can use a Capcom I/O with it.

What about link match when it comes to SSF4 AE? Can you link up to more than four cabinets? The description in coinop express said up to four but they might be wrong.

I read one time on the FFA thread that they linked up to six SSF4. I wonder if you can link up to ten or more lol. I know that sounds expensive lol.


Ok, I’ve discovered there’s a 2p Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (http://arcadeheroes.com/2011/01/25/super-street-fighter-iv-arcade-versus-kits-coming-soon/). Meaning you don’t need 2 taito machines to do it.

Unfortunately I don’t have it.

It’s an expansion card. Has some dipswitches, an optical port and a USB port labeled JAMMA.


Pretty sure Type X, both 1 and 2, has its internal I/O board in a standard PCI slot. Looking at the back of a Type X case, ports which look like they are on the PC motherboard would be USB, while ports on an expansion card would be JVS. Then of course you will have your external I/O board which is the one hooked up directly to the joysticks and buttons.

Also, as I am sure you already know but might be nice to know for anyone else reading this thread, the JVS I/O protocol is not based on USB at all. Sega just chose to use the same connectors as the were cheap and readily available. The actual JVS protocol is based on a standard RS232 serial link. Anyone wishing to implement a JVS I/O controller (Toodles perhaps in a future MC Cthulhu?) might want to talk to the guy who made the JVS-PAC.


I’m not sure if this 2player SSF4 AE can upgrade to 2012. When I look on the net all I’m seeing for sale is a 2012 upgrade for the “Japanese” version aka the 1 player link match version. 2player version is known as the international version.

I might be wrong though I’m not sure.


I know for a fact that there is a 2p 2012 AE you can get, I’m not upgrading or anything. I’ll be getting it in the new year. Waiting for my capcom IO and so on.


This thread is really interesting What kind of grapics card is rquired to run SFIVAE? I always assumed it was just the 7600 gs like all the other games