Has anyone improved their game through meditation?


Anyone tried meditating to improve their game? My friend Harano and I been experimenting new ways to level up over here since the players here have reached a certain level of plateau, a certain stage where we cannot see any more breakthrough or discoveries.

To push ourselves further, we tried all kinds of methodologies to break to the next level. Wondering if anyone else had success with meditation? I highly recommend any player with this ambition to try what we call 3s-meditation.

Through analysis of thousands of match videos provided by Roshihikari, the players at Mikado have determined that the psychological predisposition of nemeses in any 3rd strike battle is a statistically predictable element. The 3s-meditation treats character movement as a total weapon, each fluid position representing a maximum strike zone, inflicting maximum damage from the maximum number of options while keeping the player clear of the statistically traditional trajectories of return counters. By the rote mastery of this practice, your moveset efficiency will rise by no less than 120%. The difference of a 63% increase to technical proficiency makes the master of 3s-meditation a player not to be taken lightly.

Listen, it might sound farfetched, but if you don’t understand it’s just because this is really high level or you are not ambitious enough. Watch out for full instructions and techniques on the routine.


Yes. Its very popular in japanese gaming. As for 3s i dont think people do it anymore unless its on of their inhouse tournaments. Maybe IV now… But 3s is old. It is done but not as much now.

The japanese have mountains of secrets. They play psychologically. Theyre very smart. If youre lucky maybe youll get a few tips here and there. Not anymore though. Times past


Exactly. A while back I did a podcast and video episode about how one should “engage” video games through meditation. Check it out here…



So is anyone high enough to download whatever is in that mediafire link in his signature? ^^

Please post more


Whatever? It’s a partial scanlation of the 3s bible. Only Yun, Dudley and Ken are included so far but its there. I’m sure Yun Dud and Ken players are already using it and reaping the benefits, improving their game from this. The resolution is blurry because I tried to keep the file size low. Apologies for that but it is still definitely readable.


Japanese players don’t keep any secrets. It’s quite the opposite.


I meant 3s… Back in the day hayao,ysb,kuroda and a few others knew each other and practiced together. Japanese players would keep secrets of their strategy and how they played. I mean yeah theyll tell you some things but not everything…

They would have america vs japan matches aswell. Trust me theirs secrets to 3s that i dont even know about. Its well known they kept certain things to themselves.


wow tell me more!


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Nah his writing is too coherent to be dander. Roshihikari 2015 isn’t as funny though :confused:


That’s really not that hard to believe


It just sounded better that way :>


You are what people call a facilitator.


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Ok. But you can ask them. Im not bullshitting. People have asked them so if you dont like it ask them then and see for yourself. Google it if you want idgaf. Im just saying what i know. I dont need any acceptance or validation im in college idgaf. I did my studying on 3s like if it was a major. Ive always watched vhs and burned cds and talked to people. They play psychologically and will do shit just to fuck with you to get in your head… They study you. Your behaviour. What you do vs what they expect. If you dont play that way thats on you.


Studying 3S… ROFL


I came here for some good roshi trolling. None of that to be found but halberdius saved the thread.


mp aegis



Before Street Fighter III ever happened, when I was young I sometimes envisioned a fighting game with Aegis Reflectors or someting of the sort in them. I envisioned dynamic and creative components inside a video game. I also remember from either a dream or in real life of a fighting game in which a character was half midget half monster, and his ability included “stickiness”. His fighting techniques included sticking people to the ground or himself, which would cripple the other player. He could also sort of throw or leave behind on the ground sticky stuff as traps for you. I think the character was blue.

I also ocassionally envisioned a fighting game in which team play is incorporated. A foursome with two vs two on the same stage at the same time. You and your partner can both attack any of the two players from the other team. You can focus on taking on one opponent each, or you can work together to gang up on one opponent.