Has anyone made a custom stick from a wired 360 controller?

I’m thinking about undertaking this task…

Has anyone done it? How did it turn out? Was it hard? How much did it cost altogether?

Sorry if this has been answered before, and thanks for your time.

i know theres someone in the UK that has

mikei can,
i forget who else.

I changed the thread title to NOT make it sound so “redneck”

I don’t think this is a rare thing at all. I’ve definitely hacked one before. It’s not that hard. There are some small solder points but nothing really major. The only thing you have to remember are the resistors. Definitely a doable hack. MUCH easier than PS3 hack…


Resistors? Sure you’re not thinking about an xbox instead of an xbox360?

Only need resistors for the triggers. Everything else is fine. If you only use bumpers and the other normal buttons, no resistors are needed.


buy yourself the madcats wired, its cheaper, I dont have problems with it yet. I made the hack like 5 months ago

hacking 360 pads are easy. it just takes time since there isnt a common ground(even tho its really a matrix), so you cant daisy chain the grounds. i havent tried wiring up the triggers cuz honestly, i dont know what the point is if you are using it for a stick to play fighters. then again, its nice to have those buttons to shift through leaderboard menus, so i guess its not too bad of an idea, but not neccessary. the only major downside to 360 pads is theres no way to currrently get a p360 stick working on xb360 cuz of the grounding issue. oh well, more reason to ditch those shit sticks =)

I can and have a bunch of times now, I prefer using the wired pad only because if you dont have some crazy cool recharging system, like how DH020 did his wireless stick, the constant opening up and changing batteries is kinda lame. I would say go with the madkatz hack if your just begining, the 1st party controller is a little confusing with the ground matrix.

Damn Sabre, I made a huge ass post telling you how to do it :slight_smile:

Listen, I got some chips on the way here. When they get here, I’ll make you a little board to go in your stick. 6 wires going to the p360 ( 4 directions, +5, GND), 10 wires going to the pcb (+5, GND, and a pair for each button). How much that worth to ya?

i used peilcan pads, they arent too bad either. havent tried official yet.

toodles: i learned fast =) i had decent knowledge, just not from certain aspects. but thanks for helping me out, big help! =)

EDIT: hmmm. lemme holla at my friend, its for him, i hate 360’s. ill see what hes willing to spend. im sure hes flexible tho cuz he will only use 360s. what price range are you looking at?

Im thinking I need a Wii Classic Controller. So $20 directly, or find a cheap one on ebay or craigslist and send it to me. I got a pelican wired 360 controller here, so I can even test it on that before sending.

Hey I want part of this x360 P360 chip madness, I can trade you a doa4 pcb. or money.

Fucken sold in a heart beat for the doa4 pcb. I got enough at the house to make I think 3 immediately, using the two chips (04 inverter and 4066N switch). I got a few samples in the mail of the MAX4611 which should allow me to do it with only one IC. Either way, its a small pcb, one or two chips, and a bunch of labelled wires. If you’re serious about the doa4 pcb, hell yeah I’ll make you one and test it with the pelican wired I have.

Damn, any one else need this done?

Is there anywhere on this site (or anywhere else that details setting up these resistors, soldering them, which ones you need etc?


Come on, making a universal PCB and in general contributing to the sexyness of SRK electronics deserves my fandom.

I thought I needed resistors too when I did my 360 hack as when I took the triggers off they were still inputting a signal. However all you need to do is glue the remaining part of the trigger arm into an off position (I actually just stuck some blu-tack under it.)

I thought you needed resistors in order to map the triggers? Your saying you need them to make sure they dont stay activated?

wow 20 bucks? toodles, you are dope! lemme get a hold of my friend later today and ill get back to you on that. even if he doesnt, i might buy one anyway just to have for future use!

You will need two 10K Ohm 1/4 Watt resistors. When you remove the triggers, there are three holes. You must put a resistor between the two lower holes.

I agree. He’s amazing. I would rep him but for some reason SRK only allows me to add rep to myself? That’s kind of weird.

If you don’t remove the triggers, you should be able to just solder directly without the resistors since the triggers already have the resistors built in.


Appreciate the reply, Im going to have to see a pic since I cant visualize it. Let me see If I can find a pick of the triggers.