Has anyone modded the Qanba Q1 PS3 & PC Joystick (Fightstick) art?

If so, I would like to see some pics.

I have seen some youtube vids on it. I’m also planing to do some art for it.

In this video from Focus Attack they mod the stick and apply some art on it

Just need to find a template for it. They had one on Focus Attack but the link on the description on the video is not working anymore.

Nice. I actually ended up finding the link the the template.


Make sure to contact me when you finish the stick dude.

Thanks for the link. I don’t have much experience doing art and photoshopping, but I will give it a try. Will try to do something simple that looks good.

I don’t think FA makes the plexi for the Q1 anymore.

If anyone knows where a plexi for the Q1 can be bought please post it.