Has anyone noticed...?



The amount the fresh meat lately on HDR? I’ve seen all kinds of cats, mostly using SFIV tactics. :rolleyes: Racked up a ton of hate mail too, mostly: “Youz a shitty cheat… What you usin’? Turbo?” I lol’d. Ohhh, I’m in love with HDR again.


Gotta be cause of the Holidays… tons of n00bs on CoD as well lately.


Holiday spirit my ass.


Seems like the same 5 guys every time I log on.

Maybe I need to vary my hours of play.


lol arizona


hi man


Seriously, there’re a sick number of strong SF2 players in this state - most of them living within 45 minutes of me - and I haven’t even met most of them.

Everyone should hang out sometime!


O hai XposedD, wantz to Street Fighter?

Rules of play:

  1. Create 6 player room.
  2. No time-limit.
  3. Wait for players to fill slots.
  4. Everyone choose Ken.
  5. Unleash random supers.
  6. lulz.

GGs to you, sir. Good Blanka. Too bad about the lag. I’ll be sure to add you up for more games.


Yeah there’s a ton of new players on ranked…after playing them I check their profiles and 99% of them say something about loving SSFIV in a completely homosexual way. Hopefully they’re giving up on Super Scrub Fighter 4 and making a change over to the king of Street Fighters.


Maaaaan, talk about going Hard in The Paint!!! LOL You asking for the room to explode and rightfully so. Haha.


We (PHOENICIANS/ARIZONIANS) DO hang out, Keefe. Ya silly rabbit…:wink:


Yup, HD Remix is alive and well and it’s good to see new faces to act as practice for my Guile, or toast for my Honda.


count me in as one of the NOOBs … just started playing yesterday. good times.


Lol I love the shit I get. ‘CHEAP WIN’ wtf did I do that was cheap? It was a normal match lol


Wait til people tell you that you’re cheap just for using the “jump” function and tell you you’re a pussy because you don’t stay on the ground the entire match.


What happened to VOLTECH? He went from being online all the time to disappearing from the face of XBL.

cvital’s on this Dhalsim kick, trent’s a bit laggy and losing to EL ANTISOCIAL just isn’t the same D:

Come back, VOLTECH! It’s been too long since I’ve been thrown after a whiffed Chun Li head stomp