Has anyone ordered from Gangstergamer.com?

I just read an article off of Kotaku about an SRK user Mekishiko who sells some decent looking sticks at gangstergamer.com which loads into this link: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6914778.
I was just wondering if anybody had ordered from him and what they thought of the sticks. I did a search and only saw a how to thread he started on battery packs. I’ve been itching to buy a HAPP stick and these look nice (couldn’t get hold of a new SFAC to modd). He apparently measured the exact specifications of the old SF arcade cabinets too. My only problem is that he places the start button on the top along with the back button. Don’t know if he’s open to customizations of button color or art either. Not sure I like the hefty bolts that secure the stick protruding out that far either.

I found the source of the issue!


You read Kotaku, and take what it says as literal news.

I wish my stuff was featured on Kotaku. :smiley:

Whatever man. I can only assume you’re about 21 years old or less with that answer. I have a legitimate question about these sticks whether I found it from Kotaku or not.

yeah i don’t get it either, it’s like this guy just came out of left field and blew everyone else away.

Jesus Christ. Have any of you heard from someone who has bought from this guy? Is he reputable? Are the sticks good quality? How about some feedback rather than sarcasm.

Your assumptions would be dramatically off. Only explaining what the guy said, take offense if you want, but don’t bring up maturity when you get jumpy at what amounts to absolutely nothing.

I bet paying for that premium membership with Daddy’s credit card makes you feel like an internet God you little shit. Stay off this thread cuz you’re worthless.

Go buy the stick and let us know.

Yea. I know…I snapped. You should’ve read his negative feedback he gave me. “Eat shit and die” LOL.

I am an agent of chaos.

Holy crap, talk about getting defensive at poor Inverse over nothing, rofl :rofl:

I personally wouldn’t pay that kinda money for a Suzo stick, but that’s opinion more than anything. Why don’t you PM him and request that he send you more images (inside etc), if you’re actually looking for info?

I’d never heard of the company (or whatever) before this thread, and when you search it up, like you said not much info comes up. My assumption would be that not many people (at least, SRK people) are even aware of it.

didn’t this site just launch, wouldn’t it be a reason (a bad one at that) for it to be on kotaku? you’d probably be one of the first in line, so i think you’d either have to be a guinea pig here or just wait for some feedback. insults don’t really help much more than sarcasm, either.

@rampage: that wasn’t directed at you, but at the stick builder who manages to get on kotaku as if custom sticks are a sort of ground-breaking news in the video game world.

Wow. Got a legitimate opinion and advice there. Thanks! I really didn’t want to PM the guy because I wanted to check here first to see if anyone had ordered from him to check legitimacy that’s all. Maybe somebody will come forward soon who’s actually used one…

mmm, happ ultimates and concave buttons, he really has his finger on the pulse of gamers these days

my site looks more legit and priced cheaper than gangstergamer lol, why don’t you order from me?

Internet fighting makes you both… winners :smiley:

I don’t know if wireless is a dealbreaker or not (people prefer wired anyway) but for that price I would go to arcadeshock.com and get a MAS. Better parts, reputable site, and very well-known stick makers. You can’t customize at all really but you’ll get a high quality Happ stick for about the same price.

You’re Canadian so you don’t count.:arazz: