Has anyone ordered from Gangstergamer.com?

Internet fighting makes you both… winners :smiley:

I don’t know if wireless is a dealbreaker or not (people prefer wired anyway) but for that price I would go to arcadeshock.com and get a MAS. Better parts, reputable site, and very well-known stick makers. You can’t customize at all really but you’ll get a high quality Happ stick for about the same price.

You’re Canadian so you don’t count.:arazz:

He charges like $190 for those things from what I saw.

You’re better off either getting a TE or just crafting one yourself.


as indicated by my 411+ feedbacks on ebay (user: poisonfree feedback: 411 100% positive in 12 months ) and my feedbacks from etsy sales are often 3 paragraphs of praise and only one negative because the user had buyers remorse (he was 16, and admitted in eMail that he didn’t want it because it just cost too much, after he had bought it, paid for it, I built it for him, then sent it) I don’t give refunds for buyers remorse. people’s money problems aren’t my problem.


on a serious note, if you search my post history I have made multiple tutorials (how to integrate Sf4 into a mame cabinet, the charging circuit etc…)

and the site where I sell my wireless sticks has been up since 3 or 4 months before SF4 Launch date.

I have no Idea why it is on Kotaku, It is also featured on Slashgear:


Honestly I have NO IDEA why they are suddenly getting exposure, I have sold maybe 50 of these joysticks, some on ebay, most on Etsy (ebay charges WAYYYY too much for sales now)

I understand a TE stick can be had for 160 dollars, but they aren’t wireless, and 2) I am not in the favor doing business, I work and have school full time, My time is worth something to me, and some people are willing to pay me for it. When people message me that they can get a TE stick for 160$ I explain to them My sticks are for American players who want wireless. Some people hate wires, CRAZY HUH? I often recommend the TE stick, or even other sellers sticks from here because I don’t carry very many Japanese parts or very many wired PCBs. The funny thing is all this exposure has came after I already started to scale back production which is why there are only 2 items listed now. It just takes up too much time. (I was making 3 per week for 5 months straight almost)


Don’t take offense on my end. I actually liked them and was curious to see if anyone else knew about them before asking you. I like HRAP sticks and that’s what I played SF on growing up. The only thing I don’t like about your sticks is the back and start button placement and bolts securing the actual stick that pop out above the acrylic. Other than that they’re nice to look at.


i don’t even know what to say

Being an old school Neo-Geo gamer I actually really like that setup. Only thing I would change would be to use Happ Super instead of Ultimates.

  1. wireless sticks aren’t allowed at evo and shouldn’t be at any tournaments.

  2. well that’s about it

Remember that not everybody is planning on attending Evo. For someone like me with children on the way wireless is a nice option, less stuff for a baby to pull on and yank around. 99% of the people on this board will never go to Evo and probably never hit up a tournament that’s considered a major. Casual play is just fine and wireless is great for that.

=/ Couldn’t you use countersunk screws so that the art under the plexi will cover it up?

your build quality looks great, but to justify the price i really think you should go the extra mile.

edit: just figured out it’s all aluminum, that’s pretty sweet.

My customs aren’t even valued at that high of a price. But with the craftsmanship provided by me, they are a different story :smiley:

I wonder why My site is suddenly all over the place :confused: so weird, it’s on here too:


ohwell, hey even Andy Milonakis likes my joysticks!

Personally I think it’d be ridiculous to spend upwards of $190 for a peripheral for a game that i’m going to take casually, but people have different opinions on it I guess.

Oh yeah, thanks for the neg rep whoever that was. A shame that it’s completely arbitrary.

You’re on SRK now; everyone here is a top-8 evo player.

In all seriousness though, the electronic components of the stick are, what, $60 including the PCB? Price is a bit steep for me, but then I put together my own sticks. Obviously there are people out there willing to pay the price you’re asking, so more power to you. If you can make a little cash while going through school, you’ve got more ambition than the majority on these boards.

exactly, not everyone is a tournament player, in fact I sell a lot of these to people who play strictly XBoxLive Classic Arcade games.

of the thousands of users on here I’d imagine only a handful even go to tournaments (and most probably just spectate anyways)

I own a TE, and a Wireless joystick, when it comes time to beat my friends asses i use the TE, when it comes to playing on line and laying in bed at the same time? I use the wireless one.

Also, many people are not ambitious enough to destroy their 60$ wireless controller because they are not confident with their soldering skills. People that can make their own joystick obviously will have already made their own already. That’s fine, I even help people who message me on there with questions, in addition to dropping some knowledge on here for people to repair wires that their dogs chewed up, building a charging circuit, trouble shooting PCB wiring jobs, etc. The fact of the matter is that I actually hate building joysticks now, I have built TONS, I am thankful for the exposure though because I am currently trying to buy a house so this will help.

Just think of it this way, every joystick I sell is one less “HEY GUYS HOW DO I SOLDER?” post on the forums.

EDIT: Here is more evidence I didn’t come out of “Left Field” checkout this article on Gadgetheat dated February 2009:


Hand Made PS3 & XBOX Arcade Joysticks by Mekishiko916 on Etsy

I have new stuff available just in time for the MVC3 launch.

I make Sanwa Sticks now: Checkittttttttttt

You know, at this point you might as well make your own trading outlet thread.

Obviously you never made a custom stick before.
To make the same stick your self would cost more than a TE any ways and I am not factoring in the man hours spent working on these.
His profit margins must be narrow to sell at that price.
Not to mention operations cost, electric bill for running power tools and cost of mainlining his own site, occasional replacement of tools, as soldering iron tips get work, drill bits get dull ect…