Has anyone peeped "KARAS THE PROPHECY?"

I just wanted to know peoples onpions on the anime film. It has been so long since a great anime with true artwork and a good story line has been out. Damn i think Ninja Scroll was the really last good anime that hit the US market. The intro was deffinately off the heezzy. My only complaint is
waiting for part two "KARAS THE RESSURECTION

That totally invalidated your post for me.

lol and ever other anime fan…

princess monoke anyone?


Karas’ animation is top-notch, but everything else is just horrible. Throughout the whole movie, I was wondering why such events happen, who the hell these characters are, what the fuck is going on, etc. and the anime never explains it.

I sorta agree. The anime started off in weird Power Ranger mode, then it spends about twenty minutes giving you an un-needed “mind fuck”, and then the anime finally really starts. By the end I was hooked though, and when it actually ended I was annoyed cuz’ I was very interesting in seeing how things played out.

While I wasn’t amazed in away way, I liked Karas a lot and I’m kinda peeved that it’s a pretty new anime cuz’ now I"ll have to wait months for the next part. ><

What? F u and you and Dragonball!!

Whatever biatch name some good anime titles in the last 5-10 years

you realize ghost in the shell is post ninja scroll right?

Hope you are talking about the show because the GITS movies are overrated. They are good, but not that good. The manga and the tv show run circles arounf the movies.

I totally agree

Karas’ animation is absolutely drop dead gorgeous, and worth viewing for that alone. But aside from the eye-candy, it put me to sleep.

Granted, I don’t have a very high attention span for stuff like Karas. Just the way that the story unfolds. Other anime that makes me drowsy are: Soultaker, done by the same people that did Karas. Also Betterman.

Karas’ animation is absolutely drop dead gorgeous, and worth viewing for that alone. But aside from the eye-candy, it put me to sleepQUOTE]

I actually did fall asleep.

got it on dvd a week ago and watched it today… wow, this shit is totally amazing… never seen an anime of such high calibur before, i cant wait until the other episodes for this oav come out. was extremely refreshing, dunno how it could put anyone to sleep, kick ass fight scenes and music, karas is just sheer flashiness, i fucking love it.

can someone explain something though… the place where otoha and yurine are at, why are there so much sick ghosts/demons and shit? what are they sick from? didn’t really get that…

Having just gotten into TvsC and really enjoying the character Karas, I was compelled to watch all 6 episodes today. Spot on synopsis, Soch.

I really liked it, but not enough to ressurect a 3 year old thread to post about it.

Loved the first Karas DVD, the second was boring as hell.

Haha, I didn’t even realize it was old until this post. I’ve only recently learned about Karas from playing TvC.

weak anime like karas dont deserve their own thread imo.

sure it looks pretty, but its worse than womens basketball. it doesnt even have the fundamentals, forget about wowing you.