Has anyone recently switched to Phoenix?

So anyway, at the dawn of this game, my original team was Trish, Dorm, and MODOK. That lasted for 3 days. Then I put Magneto, Sentinel, and Hulk together, which evolved to Magneto, Sentinel, and Dorm. Problem is my execution is trash. I still can’t rom with magneto, and my Sentinel refly combos are trash. I think I have great strategy and mindgames, but I don’t have the execution to implement any of it.

As a result, I got so frusrated, I had to switch to Phoenix. Now I win tons of matches. Now my patience pays off, now my defense pays off. I’m using Wolverine, Sentinel, Phoenix, and I’ve been loving it. I just hated getting mashed out in this game, so now I have a team people can’t mash against.

Has anyone else made the switch to Phoenix lately? I know people think it’s cheap and newbish to switch to her, but she is the only person I can play with that stops people from pressing buttons. So I’d rather be a newb and win, than having to worry about randomness and mashers anytime I work my ass off for offensive pressure just to be cr.l to death.

Lol you have the exact same team as me!
I get noobs confused when I beat them online :smiley:
Original Team Wolverine,Magneto and Sentinel
Then I dropped Magneto

I’d been using an experimental Phoenix team for a while (X-23, Sent, Phoenix), so I was pretty used to using her by this point. The reason I’d built the aforementioned team was to teach me how to block (no relying upon insane health with She-Hulk, Tron or Dormammu) and defend properly. Then, as time went along, I came to like the challenge of trying to use Phoenix.

For most of the time since, my main team has been She-Hulk, Magneto and Dormammu. However, I was starting to feel that this team didn’t mesh well at all (the idea was basically to have She-Hulk backed up by two decent assists, but once She-Hulk was dead, Dorm and Magneto didn’t really gel together). Also, the more I used She-Hulk, the more I realized that she was dangerous without needing to use meter. Since I was conserving meter anyway, I figured what the hell, I might as well throw The Bitch on the team.

I also decided to put her on the team because I was tired of everyone bitching about how “broken” Phoenix is. I think she’s really good (probably the best character with the best normals in the game even in normal Jean mode), but she really exposes people who fight on autopilot. If you don’t learn snapback combos, X-Factor prevention strategies or corner mixups, you’ll have tons of problems with Phoenix. But, as long as you don’t let yourself become so used to fighting everybody the same way, Phoenix is nothing.

Also: LOL @ everybody dropping Magneto.

I sometimes play MODOK, Amaterasu, Phoenix.

I just fly up and call Amaterasu assist.

I also get raped by anyone who uses Dormammu.

I’m playing Phoenix since day 1…

A bunch of friends were playing, then I got there… Everyone was trying out a lot of characters and no one ever got more than 2 wins in a row until the time I chose Phoenix and won 8 straight, LOL

Then I never took her out of my main team

I play phoenix when my main team loses.

I was originally going to rage switch to Wolv/Sent/Phoenix to counter other Phoenix teams. It was ridiculously easy it was to create offensive pressure with it, and the insurance of Phoenix in the back was just ridiculous. I hardly even had to use DP, up back fireball destroys 95% of the online community. However, after playing that team proficiently in only 3 days (I had rarely played Wolverine or Phoenix beforehand), I started understanding what made a Phoenix team tick.

Created an anti-DP set-up with my previous team, I haven’t gone back since. Good riddance to that derp team.

@OP - With Mag/Sent/Dorm, I can hardly imagine how spamming cr.L would ruin your offense. I thought I had “shitty execution and great mindgames” three years ago, but I worked hard to fix the former. Taking the “easy way out” won’t really reward you in the future. With Phoenix/Wolverine nerfs being possible, you should really start looking into learning the game right. Just some friendly advice.

Been using Jean since day one but I had been tinkering with other teams and I’m still kinda tinkering with a Dormammu team but I still haven’t settled on a team that I like with him.

I like Jean the more I use her and I love trying to find new combinations of teams to go with Jean.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

I started out with a Dante/Morrigan/Phoenix team which switched to Morrigan/Thor/Phoenix to Wolvie/Storm/Phoenix to Storm/Thor/Phoenix before settling on Wesker/Thor/Phoenix.

The second i saw the character reveal i was hooked on her.She looked fun, and im all about that high risk high reward and her combos looked cool.
i really originally wanted that firey team of dorm, skrull and phoenix, but realistically NO, that’s literally THE worst synergy in game. their delayed hypers are fine, but its literally a bitch fight for bars all round and no one builds them all that well.

Used her since day one but i wavered. I use her very occasionally with morrigan and trish because those are my two best. it’s fun but i rarely win, surprisingly what usually catches enemies more that the fireballs is the dashing while on fire thing, (seriously forgot the name atm). It also seems to throw them off when you actually… use meter, they freak out even more when shes on point. However i haven’t learned to deal with wesker, wolverine akuma and dante, so i prettu much realized it turned from high risk high reward to, lol lp,lp,lp,lp,lp, assist,unacceptable, lp,lp, beserker slash, etc, or a million one teleports and slashes that i can defend against but the second i try to attack back, farewell, or the ever loved tatsux8, finally connect, them beam.

She’s a lot of fun to play and has great tools, just not at all beginner friendly and not as autowin as people make her out to be. One of the few characters in the game i feel was designed that can successfully fit more rolls than, rush rush rush.

I have to comment that i agree with an above poster OP, if you plan to stick to the game you’ll eventually have to learn to develop a way to beat out the randoms without relying on characters. Don’t worry, not talking down to you because I fall for it all the time too.

Team making thread / Phoenix thread, there are zillion EXISTING threads to take this to.