Has anyone seen one of these cabs?

Me and my little guy were @ disneyland and he saw this mini neo geo,i want one bad and have searched to no avail, thinking of building one but would like to refurbish if i can…help me out members.

Hehe, me and my little one have played on that exact cab too, GG, disneyland.

This might help.
Neo-Geo MVS Mini - Update 10/25/08 100% - Vinyl Decals Installed

I think there’s one in my city, but the screen needs to be repaired, the monitor appears to be wavy.

good work log but after building my krey cab im done building for awhile lol. Did u play that japanese crane game that cuts the wire with a razor? That thing got ten bucks from me damn it !!!

is it for sale?

those are old school