Has anyone seen the ultracade street fighter anniversary cabinet?


I did and its awesome! The street fighter anniversary ultracade has most of the street fighter games:

World Warrior
Champion Edition
Turbo Hyper Fighting
Super Turbo
Alpha 1
Alpha 2
Alpha 3

The only dissapointment about it is that it does not have Street Fighter 1, Hyper Street Fighter II, or any of the Street Fighter III’s. Why does Capcom do this? All of the games should be here.

Well when I played on it, I played Turbo and Super Turbo. Unlike previous Ultracade Street Fighters the joystick and buttons responded well. The graphics on Turbo and Super Turbo seemed like it was cleaned up so the picture is quite clear.

I wanna get this machine but on the ultracade website it is no where in sight.


haha I thought it was a dream too when I first saw it but I really did see it. And it was in one of those obscure crummy old world arcades. Please believe me! Its in Santa Ana, CA.


If there was a time and a place for photographic evidence, this is it.


They were talking about this a few months back. There is no sf3 because CPS3 games aren’t emulated.


How come SF3’s in the list on mame then?


Because the rom is dumped, you just can’y play it. CPS3 games are still encrypted or something like that.


This is the best evidence I could give you:


I don’t know if this is an illegal question on this website but can someone give me a lot of links for MAME emulators just so I could see the list myself and see if SF3 is on there.


sf3 is on the dreamcast based naomi hardware, it cant be emulated with mame


I heard about these a while ago. Some guy from Ultracade made a thread on SNK-Capcom and asked for suggestions on which sticks to put in and what buttons and the like. You could look for that thread I guess if you need “proof”

Or, you know, you could just email them.




Are you sure about that?

p.s. this is your only chance to retract what you said because someone else will no doubt come along and tear your post a new asshole. Just a friendly warning :tup:


Before you post, Expecially after quoting someone and trying to correct them please try to know what the fuck youre talking about. Street Fighter 3, SI, and 3S run on CPS3 hardware. The DreamCast version is simply a port, along with the XBox and PS2. :tup:


CPS-3 cant be emulated yet because of a switch it has that breaks the game if you take out the mother board or cpu or something to do with the fuckin game.(I think maybe its the cartridge) SF3 Isnt naomi, naomi is basically 3d shit, but they do work for games like mvc2 and cvs2, So take your stupid emulator self back to the farm. Fag. Also is the new zinc available yet? I heard news that it was going to have tekken tag tournament and tekken 4 or something like that.

Edit: Also Im pretty sure you can play encrypted games, You just gotta find a way around that, Most games today have that, so people are finding a way around that, PIM Had that IIRC.


Dremcast version of sf3 is ported from cps3 hardware and no one is trying to emulate the “dreamcast version of SF3”.Arcade version of SF3 is cps3…NOT naomi ! :nunchuck:
Anything can be emulated…just that there are certain “unwritten” rules like not to mess with games that are still in business(I.E marvel2,cvs2).SF3 isnt playable yet on mame cuz cps2shock/Capcom CPS-2 Decryption Team team didnt Decrypt the roms yet.I heard they quit or some shit.I am sure somebody will decrypt the roms sooner or later :karate:
That ultrcade thing is bullshit…its probly just mame running under their custom frontend.Anyone can slap a picture of ryu on a cabinet and call it “street fighter aniversery arcade cabinet by ultracade” :rolleyes:


emulation kills arcades, thats why that unwritten rule exists


I don’t think emulation kills arcades. Well not for fighting games anyway because you still need people to play them. You need the environment. If you believe emulation kills arcades then you got to blame the consoles as well.


Kaillera. :karate:



 Cool cabinet, but I'd be curious to see what Capcom thinks about them.


Before getting all hot n bothered by it, try playing one of the ultracade machines. Its totally obvious that its emulated, and the game feels it. Overall feel is sluggish IMHO, and it really felt like the aspect ratio was off on the one I played. (This was CE on a normal Ultracade cabinet; never seen a SF specific cabinet)

And why go through all the trouble and not include DarkStalkers series or the cps2 versus games?


You know what, the people who are saying that this machine is just a bunch of emulated games in a sexed up ultra arcade cabinet might be right. So kudos to you for being right, maybe.

I played it today and I played alpha 3, super turbo, and turbo. And there are times when alpha 3 and super turbo do feel sluggish. Not when I’m exactly fighting but when I do connect on a super or a special move it does slow down sometimes. I don’t know how you say it, but the fighting physics of these games don’t seem as exact on the original capcom machines. Its still very close but something is a little bit off. I just can’t put my finger on it.

I’ll ask you fellow posters a question then. Would you get this machine? I would, but only because it has most of the SF games and its in a cabinet. If you play emulated SF games on MAME and on your computer, for me they’re impossible to play. So for me this is still worth getting because its the closest thing to the arcade and with a little work its affordable. I just wish it had all the SF games (SF 1 and all the SF3’s).

So what do think? What are the upsides and what are the downsides of owning the machine at home. Is it worthy of a hardcore nit-picking SF fan or should we just stick to the console versions and the MAS joysticks?