Has anyone taken interest in publishing the SF PLOT Canon Guide?


I just thought that it’s the most detailed account of the Street Fighter continuity (in English). I wonder why the Japanese are having monopoly in publishing continuity stuff, when it’s obvious that there is a global interest to the SF storyline.

I mean, give the plot guide to a publishing editor, have him consult an official Capcon representative to analyze the FAQ’s content, Add other stuff to it like official pictures and stuff, pay royalty fees the contributors of the FAQ, and we have a potential for a very good book.


I enjoyed reading the faq. Tiamat did a great job. It would be cool if they released a book with the info with a lot of artwork and such. However, I dont think the demand is high enough for a book to sale.


I’m not sure if the guide is professional enough given my tendency to get really emotional in that thing. Furthermore, I’m also not sure who would legally be entitled to the profits (which, I agree will probably be in the negatives) considering that the guide relies on lots of contributors.


Isn’t the SF Eternal Challenge Art Book a documented history and biography on the characters and games…just in Japanese. Cuz I have it and there seems to be a lot more in there than just art…I’m just not sure what.:bluu:




dammit I have it and dammit I can’t read japanese dammit dammit. oh yes the guide was great supurb job! :smiley:


Oh yeh…in my post I had forgotten to thank you on that amazing plot guide, Tiamat. Your work has definatelly not gone unappreciated.


Wouldn’t it be nice if someone will translate the Eternal Challenge book and put it out in the US? :smiley:


udoneko, that would definately be nice…so…what company is going to propose a translation? heh. Well, I’ll hold my breath.


udoneko: You wouldn’t happen to be hinting at something… would you?

At least someone should translate and update the character glossary from All About Capcom Fighting, with color artwork of all the characters. Screw the rest of the book, it’s just ending scripts anyway.


If you are hinting, might it be possible to get some official heights, weights, and ages for a certain 3rd series? (hint, hint, nudge, kick)