Has anyone tried acupunture here?

would the logical fallacy be

something with no real quanitive data or something that really can’t be proven (faith), having an actual physical and measurable effect that can be measured and quantified.

no faith based healing isn’t going to cure a paraplegic, nor is it going to regrow limbs or raise the dead. maybe i should phrase it as having a positive outlook.

and maybe I should rephrase it as… faith based healing doesn’t heal teeny tiny widdle boo boos. acupuncture claims to heal small as well as big.

I never personally had tried it, but someone I know who had pretty bad food allergies used it to relieve her symptoms. She said that it worked well, if I recall correctly. The few times I have heard people talk about it, I heard good things but those times amounted to maybe two or three times at best.

Hope that helps!

It’s bunk.

A credible clinical trial includes four categories of data: positive and negative results, both for patients who receive the treatment and patients who don’t.

A treatment is considered proven if a large number of trials indicates a significant difference between the results of the two patient groups–namely a larger number of positive results/smaller number of negative results for patients receiving the treatment, and a significantly smaller disproportion for patients not receiving it.

“It works for so-and-so” is anecdotal self-reporting. As evidence, it’s pitifully incomplete. Never mind that “so-and-so” is almost certainly unqualified to speak on the matter–not that it would automatically change things if they were.

This is how treatments become considered scientific. Acupuncture does not succeed in double-blind trials, and is therefore pseudoscientific–no credible results and no basis in reliable evidence.

Save your time and money. If you want the placebo effect, look up some non-toxic home remedies. If you’re looking to score with hot Asian attendants, go to Rcaido’s house.

I’d try to see if Rcaido would like to exchange one of my fine custom shirts for an invitation to his place, but that’s not the matter at hand. I understand that most people are scientifical and won’t believe without proof, of which there isn’t. I’m not a believer either, but I’d still like to know what the actual experiences of local users have been with this.

so basically it’s bs because in all of its time of practice, it’s produced no results it can claim as its own?

this is the kind of stuff I wanted to hear