Has anyone tried dual-modding other peripherals beside arcade sticks?


I was wondering this some time ago whether anyone tried dual-modding (or even multi-modded):

  • dance mats
  • guitar hero/rock band peripherals (guitars, drum set) <- I would have tried this already if the drum set was wired AND if there was 7 drum pads or more included (for playing on DTXMania)

and also for the most advanced people among Tech Talk, since this involves messing with analog controls:

  • driving wheels + pedals

Would love to see pics and read stories :wink:


There are plenty of multi-console dance mats, I have one for xbox+Ps2+gamecube


You’re modding, anyway…Use two rock band drum sets. Rock the double bass.


I had planned for Gummo to dual mod a Rock Band/Guitar Hero guitar. The one I bought couldn’t be modded without serious woodwork (got a Logitech GH controller), but I loved it stock and never really wanted to play with anything else, so it was never revisited. That said, I may do it by the end of the year, just because.


So the problem is that a lot of rhythm game controllers can’t just be dual-modded with a normal pad – they present themselves to the console differently. On PS2 I think you can get away with it, but to get everything working perfectly you might have to resort to scrapping a second peripheral (say, a broken drumset from the other console). It really depends on the software, but AFAIK it’s pretty tricky/damn near impossible to make a normal controller get accepted for playing guitar/drums on 360/PS3. PS3 would likely be possible with a custom firmware for whatever dual-modding board you’re using, though, so it could just take the extra step of changing the USB descriptors. But I’m no expert on it, and haven’t really looked into it myself.

Dance pads, though, yeah. They’re easy. Most nicer pads that I’ve seen (including the one I have) actually come with a DB-15-based breakout box so you just have to figure out the pinout and it doesn’t even take internal modification to make work!


@underwing: I forgot how picky could be console software. No wonder I couldn’t find any web page on the subject of adding new compatibilities.
are two lists of mods for GH but none report any kind of dual-mod à la Tech Talk :frowning:


Ladies and Gentlement, we have a Code Gummo, I repeat, a Code Gummo.


But isn’t Gummo bored with game controllers in general, I believe dual modded bop-its are the next big thing.


I think it can be done with Project boxes
It will involve sacrificing some guitar /drums controllers

I wonder if the Mad Catz Midi adapters for Rockband is easily hackable?


I dual modded a DJDao Pop’n Music controller long ago, PS2 only originally, then PS2+USB with a hacked pad. Same concept.