Has anyone tried playing MvC2 on the fishing controller or DDR pad?

I know MVC2 has been played out pretty hardcore on arcade sticks.

Perhaps the next challenge is to try a Sentinel unfly combo on the dreamcast maracas or racing wheel/pedals.

BTW, before you think I’m making up some random hogwash, check out this Tekken played on the rockband drumset LOL

IIRC i remember reading about someone doing a sentinel combo and DHC to storm on a ddr pad before? does anybody else remember this?

lol @ the Tekken video.

Doesn’t appear you’re able to actually MOVE using the drumset…?

i was going to bring my ps guitar to play t5:dr tonight at the arcade, too. damn

thta’s me… and i did

storm: s.hk, sj, lk, lk, LA xx LS (that’s the hard part, half circle), DHC HSF, s.hk, and i didn’t do more from there.

ooo i would love to see that! u gotta post a vid :slight_smile:

if i had a DDR pad, a PS2, and a copy of MvC2 for PS2, I would, but alas, I do not, therefore, you’re out of luck.


Farthest I ever got with Ryu was M.Bison in street fighter II anniversery edition. Problem with marvel on DDR pad is that it only has a circle and x button. Well, “my” DDR pad only has a circle and X button.

mine had all four face buttons… only labelled circle and x… but the back two empty squares were the others

the back two unlabelled buttons on my pad were just another circle and x… :frowning: