Has anyone tried the new Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pro Pad yet?


I have the Hori Fighting Commander pad and was wondering if this 2nd version is better and worth picking up. Anyone get to use it yet?

Hori FC3 pro or PDP versus



First off i want to say that ive tried every pad in the book. From the ascii pads to the saturn to15th anniv to madcatz, etc…

Ive had the new hori pad for a couple weeks now and I have to say its the GREATEST PAD EVER MADE!!!
You can change the angle of the pad up to 20 degrees. which can make it optimal for hcf or 360 heavy characters. And if you had trouble doing something on a certain side of the screen, those problems are over. You can also customize how loose or tight you want the dpad, a feature that they didnt even mention!!!

But to really test the quality of the pad i had to do some things. I landed a max of 36 seismo chains in mvc3 there almost effortless to do on this pad. EWGFs in tekken are butter i can now do it consistantly which i couldnt do before. Parrying in 3rd strike and just doing commands in general feel alot easier and fun to do. Basically theres nothing you cant do on this pad, NOTHING.

In short. This is the pad warriors fantasy, I cant reccomend it further. Its almost essential. I might do a vid review for it to help convince people further. Peace


Thank you for this. You are now my Hero. I’m going to get my hands on this pad ASAP, because even though it looked like dream come true, I definitely needed someone to confirm that it isn’t just a dream before I threw away my money, since I’ve had some awful experiences with third party pads in the past.


Now I kind of want to get this pad even though I’m a stick player…


I have two of these. To be honest, other than the asymmetrical case design, it is about the same (talking just about the D-pad) as the Fight Commander 3. I’ve tested it with just TEKKEN so far (my main game), and have not noticed an advantage/disadvantage to the rotational aspect of the D-pad. I’ll do more testing when I have time though. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s a nice pad.


I got to mess with it for a while, I’m supposed to do a review on it soon, but in short: Its a good pad, one of the best I’ve used. buttons are a nice size. The pad isn’t the prettiest thing out there, but it feels good in my hands. Rotating the D-pad seems strange, but I do know some people who will love this feature since they hold pads at an angle when playing fighters. The corner sensitivity thing is the only thing I haven’t gotten to mess with much, but if it does what it claims to do, I will love it. Another thing I think most people will like is switching the L2/R2 buttons to the right side so you never have to use your left hand for anything other than the D-pad. The pad is just a tweaked Fight Commander 3 pad with more features. I like the pad for Tekken and SF. I’m mainly an SNK/VF guy, but I haven’t tried the pad on those games, but I will once I get my pad back.


I purchased mine. It’s hard to get information on people actually use it. Ill try to post my thought when mine arrives.


Some Reviews I found. http://dominionmethodgaming.com/2011/08/22/fight-pads-review/


Yeah the ability to rotate the D-Pad seems pretty pointless. The adjusting of diagonals was actually pretty nice as was the ability to switch the triggers without shenanigans (i.e. a switch vs. modding the pad). Otherwise both the buttons and the D-pad feel very similar to the original HFC3.


another video about the pad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2op6AtypTs


Well i just got my pad and I put in some time with it. Feels good combos are easy to do on MVC3, SSF4AE and Blazeblue. I haven’t tried my 3d games yet. The D-pad is nice feels like the old Snes D-pad. Switching the L1 L2 to the R1 R2 side is simply genius. All in all very happy with my purchase. The real test is the longevity. Hopefully it lasts for a long time and doesn’t break down like the Madcatz and PDP controllers.

If anyone has any issues with this pad please let us know.


So There is one down side to this controller. I went to a local tourney in my area and the PS3 xbox360 converter does not work with it.


The ONLY thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t work with PS2 games. I have all my KOFs on PS2 and was hoping to use my PS3’s backward compatibility. The pad doesn’t register when the PS3 is in PS2 mode. Oh well…


How does loosing the pad inputs feel? Does it work well?


8 buttons on right-hand side?

This is now officially the best pad, EVER.




It feels a little weird you really have to press down on it for it move on the lose setting. I have mine set at the middle setting, which i would think would be normal and it feels similar to the ps3.


Crosscounter has a little video about the controller as well.


Oh okay. I’ll probably just stick with the Fighting Commander 3 I have. I thought loosing the pad might help a bit.