Has anyone tried this 360 to PS3 converter?

Has anyone tried this 360 to PS3 converter?


Its a mayflash converter and goes for around 50$ and i was just if anyone was familiar with it at all.

I was looking for one for my state monthly, i dont have 50 bucks, so i cant get it, but imma fav this.

Neat, it’s Mayflash rather than XCM (it may not suck). Here’s the product page:


I personally would test it but I dont have a PS3
I would be getting it mostly for tourneys

Yep, I only own a 360 otherwise I would take one for the team.

I’m 99% sure it’s identical to the converter that XCM sells.

The PCB may be different though. They also cloned the XFPS (PS2 to 360) but used their own, less buggy PCB.

Does mayflash have a good reputation for making good converters?

Im thinking i might just go ahead a take a gamble on this one.

You could just install a Cthulhu board which would be cheaper and there wouldn’t be any input lag or anything of the sort.

Which, according to your flawed test, still lagged.

Didn’t lag. It locked up with multiple button presses. I wouldn’t go as far as to recommend buying this thing. It may work better than the XCM equivalent though.

ive been looking 4 a converter too so if this works ill def be getting one.

Are there any good PS3 to 360 converters about?

No, not currently. PS2 only.

which is harder though :frowning: which there was 1 of these things around, it would save people so much hassle …

Im just looking into a solderless cthulhu and dpt switch mod … but dnt fully know how to start on it yet, but it just seems as my best choice, since im not a great expert on solderin mods, so i could try this without frying everything.

Damn, I’ll have to pick one of those up and play around with it. I’m a sucker for adapters and controllers…so yeah I’ll definately get one and give it a try (I’ve got all three systems and a beefy PC…I’ll try to lag test it on my PC).

If you do end up getting it could you maybe do a mini review for it and give the word on whether its good or not?
That would be appreiciated:wgrin: