Has anyone Unlocked/Jailbroken their IPHONE3G?

Any ways you could help will be appreciated

Unlocked I get, but what is jailbroken?


Two threads? Seriously?

No one was taking me seriously what do you expect? My bad for over posting but I figured if anyone would know how to do it… It would be the gamers… Give me a break

Search Craigslist. My friend got his iphone unlocked by meeting someone off craigslist.

y’all should ask steve wozniak. I seen him unlock an iphone on tv cause he just don’t give a fuck.

go here or here

there is a new Firmware Update for the iPhone it’s firmware 2.1

Search google. I’m pretty sure you can’t talk about stuff like that on srk.

Really that sucks cause I always heard that this was a free country. Thanks for the heads up. anyone wanna buy one for $1000…


I don’t think this would be considered something that can’t be talked about on SRK. It’s not stealing of any kind. The only reason I could see it being a violation of SRK is because there are some jailbreak programs that allow emulation, and THAT is in fact not allowed here. But the jailbreaking process isn’t illegal.

Also, there is no unlock for iPhone3G yet, only jailbreak. Depending on what OS you use, you will have to get some version of Pwnage Tool or QuickPwn. The iPhone Dev Team Blog is where you’ll want to go for the original source of news and code. The other places like macrumors and stuff are just news sites that typically link back to the iPhone Dev Team Blog.


To my knowledge, you cannot SIM unlock an iPhone 3G - if you bought from AT&T, you have to stay with AT&T. If you import it from another country where the phone was not sim locked to begin with, you’re good.

If you want to Jailbreak your iPhone 3G, it’s pretty straightforward:

  1. Make sure your iTunes installation has the latest firmware available from software update.
  2. Download the latest version of PwnageTool.
  3. Run PwnageTool, follow the instructions on screen.
  4. Celebrate - your phone is Jailbroken. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW - as a side note, there is no “Jail Breaking” happening here. I HATE THAT TERM. The phone is not “jailed” - the root filesystem is simply mounted read-only. The only thing happening here is that /etc/fstab is being modified to mount / as rw. That’s it. Nothing special. PwnageTool frees up other areas of the OS’ bootup to make development easier as well.

afaik, you can’t unlock it, but you CAN trick it to think that it’s using att. you need a sim chip. basically it’s a thin sheet about the size of the sim card and you place it over the sim card you want to use, and that thin sheet has a mircro chip to trick the phone into thinking that it is using att when you’re really using another carrier. you can google what I’m talking about but know that a lot of the chip requires cutting up the sim so there’s room for the chip. just cutting off the plastic part of the sim to make room not the copper part of the sim.

the only link you need…


NIce anyone have one that has had success with unlocking it with any of the options listed above? ^^^^ I tried pwnage tool and quickpwn but I just get an error and cant go forward. Craigslist someone wanted 100 dollars to unlock it? After that price I think Ill just keep it the way it is. I was expecting like half of that tops. So downside is no 3G service once its unlocked. Upside is the video camera… Any other programs worth Jailbreaking/unlocking it for?


Don’t pay someone to do it. Jump on IRC, I think irc.osx86.hu, and join #iphone. People are usually on that are willing to give you a hand. The hardest part is getting the phone into DFU mode (NOT restore mode - the phone should look like it’s off, but iTunes still detects it). Once you get a feel for that, it’s dead simple.

now that there are new firmware and stuff, do you guys know how can i jailbreak my really old ipod touch? google kinda confuses me cause they tell me to do a lot of different things and i don’t know which is the safest and easiest way to go.

Yup, same story as above. Use pwnagetool.