Has anyone used a T-Stik?


It has a short travel and heavier spring with a bat-top. Seems like it has everything I want in a stick. Just wondering if anyone has any real world experience with one. I searched and couldn’t find any posts about the t-stik (or tstick, tstik, t-stik etc.).


75 views and nothing? Nobody has any info on this stick? I guess I’ll have to buy it and make my own review …

We’re all just lurkers, waiting for you to give in & do the review for us :wink:

Plus, a sizeable amount of SRKers not being from EU would also mean that the T-Stik is a bit of an unknown.

Looks decent though, I say give it a whirl.

Here’s a review, though that guy mainly uses them for old school arcade games. On BYOAC the consensus is pretty much “omigod could the throw be any shorter?” and that hitting the diagonals is too easy with such a short throw. One guy has the magnetic version of the stick in his Mortal Kombat cab though.

The stick moves five degrees before engaging, just like a JLW, it’s just got signifigantly less play outside of the deradzone and takes a bit more pressure on the stick to push it (which I think would make it easier to not hit diagonals than on a japanese stick, though I suppose the BYOAC were comparing it to Happ products).