Has Chun surpassed Yun in the Tier rankings?

It sure seems like it, judging both American and Japanese tourney results. I seem to recall Harmonaz saying how in Japan, Yun isn’t as feared and despised anymore compared to Chun, and that people have started to figure out ways to work around Genei Jin both defensively and offensively, while Chun has actually become even more technically (poke wise and mind games involving SGGKS/option selects) uber powerful. what do u guys think?

I’ve been saying that for a least a year. Nobody cared about my cheapo matchup chart. :frowning:

Yeah recently with the shit I’ve been watching chun li is destroying yun. Especially with the japs.

Unless your K.O.'s yun…even the best chun lis get destroyed by his. But hes suppose to have the best yun in the world?

I remember one of the matchup charts and someone saying that they were equal, and the only reason why Yun was better than Chun was because of his matchup against Chun, or some shit like that. Other than that, though, according to whatever chart it was, they were equal.

As for Chun > Yun now? I guess so too?

keeperJin breaks Yun further than Chun, wait and see as more Yuns learn this

Is Keeper Jin even that good? I remember reading in the Keeper Jin thread that it does less damage than Yun’s standard Midscreener.

defense around geneijin? as far as i know, i think yun still wins. even though most dont, kara palms on chun with an ender=gg.

all of you guys are forgetting how much a bastard yun is :sad:. chun li’s pressure isnt enough to catch slippery yun imo. im not saying yun should flat out win every time, just saying that he should have the advantage. i mean come on its geneijin :sarcastic: .

as for KO having the best yun and losing, i think there are a good variety of “top” yuns and shouldnt be focused on KO.

Hugo is clearly the best…wtf

the people saying that can’t do it to its fullest. the tighter you do the combo, the more damage it does.

Here’s the latest matchup chart:
The last 3 numbers are Advantageous matchups, Neutral matchups, and Disadvantageous matchups… Yun and Chun are the same, but Yun has NO disadvantageous matchups, therefore putting him higher on the tier list.

seems like yun and chun are way ahead of ken. based on the chart, i can say only 2 characters occupy the top. ken can no longer be considered a top tier character anymore. and makoto? dammit she’s basically a yang or a dud.

That list is goofy. Chun vs Remy is 8 - 2? Nah. Yun, Makoto, and Yang are all harder matches for Remy. Elena vs Remy 7 - 3? Nah.

Of course, no one will ever agree on exact tier rankings. The main point is everyone with half a brain knows Yun and Chun dominate the game pretty convincingly. Who really cares which one is higher than the other. In the end, scrubby people will continue to flock to them regardless :slight_smile:

Like KO and Nuki?

yep:rolleyes: lol


Pyrolee in particular seems to be victim of this. I’ve seen Amir beat him consistently in every recent video.

I’ve been thinking of this as well. I think it comes down to the skill level. If you make one mistake with yun, you’re dead against chun. A yun with perfect execution… well, that’s a different story

That kind of Yun is tough to come across… Chun, on the other hand…

Chun just beats the shit out of Yun’s pokes. He can catch a lead with Genei Jin but it’s so easy for Chun to just get a couple throws, build bar and make that shit even again. Usually if she already got in a super…that’s all it takes to win the game against Yun’s piss poor defense. I definitely consider the match on paper to be in Yun’s favor but Chun can just destroy him in the time that he doesn’t have meter. Not to mention she can do really stupid shit like watch for him to activate and then reverse super and punish him during his start up frames.

Of course there are exceptions you douchebags. Like I didn’t expect someone to come up with some examples of players to mention like I was born yesterday. KO can certainly play with just about any character. I’m talking about the 90 percent of players in the US that run to them because they possess zero creative thought :rolleyes::lovin::rolleyes::rolleyes: yay smilies

It’s quite amazing that those who responded didn’t comprehend that on your initial post.

Seriously, god.

Seeing as I’ve been out of the 3s loop for a while, what’s up wit dat ken?