Has Chun surpassed Yun in the Tier rankings?

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As a Yun player I consider Chun Li to be a really ahrd matchup for him, of course, this is when the chun is not afraid of genei jin and knows how to answer.

I hate chun li

make sure ur looking at the matchups individually.

chun just beats low tiers better than yun and other characters. but chun li vs yun itself, 6-4 seems just about right. even the smartest of chuns have a card time catching yun.

Ken…everyone in every country still abuses the shit out of him. He’s just good. Has good options and versatility and can do hella damage before he even gets meter. Still a beast.

Well…a lot of people always bring up how good KO’s Yun is but…KO the way I see him is more so a multi character player. He can use 4 or 5 characters real nicely. He’s just known for his Yun. Even if Yang is a faggot KO still wrecks the shit out of people with that guy. I think it’s a good change of pace from watching him beast with Yun all the time.

they are tied imo. as far as the actual chun vs yun matchup…i think its even, the better player usually wins. they both have bs, and they are both have weaknesses. yun’s being his defense and chun’s being her situational specific anti air’s.

Playing a mid tier doesn’t make you a creative player. Please post videos of your innovative style before criticizing people who play to win.

Ok, seeing as that comment is being blown way out of porportion, for the sake of his thread, I’m going to clear his up.

  1. He was joking.

  2. He was making fun of FG scrubs who think top-tiers are win buttons.

  3. there are people like that. People who do try and see what’s best for them, and instead, try what they see other people do. I often get called cheap by scrubs just for picking Ken. Yet, nobody complains when I beast with Q. It’s insane.

  4. He is not disrespecting people who play to win. He even cleared that up in his last post.

  5. you guys need to chill. At the end of the day, nobody fucking cares.

Ah, now I get it. Pretty funny now that you’ve cleared that up, especially the part where he called me a douchebag.

Uh, my heart weeps for you, I guess. But he called you a douchebag because you failed to comprehend an obvious joke. Kind of calls for self blame if you ask me.

pherai: Alright, I’ll retract the douchebag comment then. I just figured that you had perhaps seen me post somewhere else on srk before and knew I wasn’t a complete idiot. So when you jumped at me with the rebuttle I expected from someone attacking some noob, I came with the douchebag. Just misunderstandings. Let the thread go on.

Tiger: thanks for doing the work for me. Saved me a long post explaining in detail where I was coming from. :slight_smile:

No way Chun wins the Chun-Yun matchup. I think it’s 4-6 for Yun, obviously mostly because of Genei Jin but also because his mobility allows him to stay away from Chun’s dangerous games while he builds meter and because his dive kicks are difficult for her to deal with. It’s close because Chun can deal very well with all his non-Genei Jin games at a certain range and because it’s very hard for a cornered Yun to escape without taking serious damage. But that percentage of a match where Yun has Genei Jin, maybe what, 20%? That percentage of time is dominated by Yun by an easy 9-1, and even if Chun wins the rest of the match, Yun’s complete dominance of such a substantial portion of the match means he has the advantage.

That’s also why I think Yun is still the best. Chun’s super puts her matchups way in her favor, but not as much as Yun’s does. For example, Chun v Q with no supers is probably 6-4 for Chun, but once she gets super (oftentimes near the end of the first round) it becomes 8-2. Yun v Q with no supers is probably 6-4 too, but once Yun gets super it’s 9-1, and that happens faster and more often than it does for Chun.

Tier Wise, I would say Chun and Yun share #1, Matchup itself its defently 5-5
Fucking Chun Pokes Own Yun
even when you are mixing up Genei Jin you have to be very careful.
Chun is short when she crouches so its takes longer for a hop kick to hit, that makes it easy for the chun player to see and stand up. Her cr jab is a bitch, I hate that poke, with a good timing she can interrupt a lot of strings other chars cannot.

While mixing up GJ against some characters is relative easy, Chun stands against the “GJ Is free damage” rule. You actually have to make a lot of effort.
Oh and Yeah, SA2 is… it hurts :sad:

Tigerboi: Sarcasm is a bit ambiguous on the internet buddy. People pretty frequently post on SRK how players who play top tiers are the real scrubs, so forgive me if the sarcasm escapes me.

Anyway, I think citing specific examples, like Pyro vs Amir isn’t necessarily proof that Chun is better than Yun. A tier listing is a generalization by nature. Amir just happens to have adapted very well to Pyro’s game. Generally speaking, I’d say Yun is still the best, but Chun causes more trouble for the mid-low tiers than Yun. At the moment, I fear Chun more than Yun :sad:

Just take a look at my av

I mean cmon, at least you can do something against meterless Yun, even when he is playing possum. But Chun, 75-80% of the characters in the game are helpless against her pokes. Jeez most of mid/low tier characters strat against her is based on jump-ins…

id rather play against Yun anyday even when my ass is handled to me 70% of the time than to play a decent Chun.

Dont get me wrong, i dont deny that genei jin is pseudo free damage but the super art is what makes him god tier, imo chun is just broken (pokes, fucking tiny crouching stance, imba karathrow) and her super art just makes her more powerful.

^^^ truth. That is the scariest part about Chun. Her normal moves are just that fucking good, combined with her walking speed and abnormal hitbox when ducking. Even if she couldn’t super she’d be top tier. Add the super and it’s just overkill.

only time yun would NOT have meter is if he didnt use geneijin, though.

i think ur getting tiers mixed up with scrub friendly.

even low tiers wouldnt run into chuns pokes like that. i managed to make a chun rush me cuz i counter poked her with alex (i kno wtf).

okay, personally I am a chun player and I have been looking at this from a slightly different perspective. I think that extremely tight playing yuns do have an advantage against chun that the other two members of the top tier do not, and that is that it is extremely hard to nail yun with chun’s bnb hit confirm of low forward. yun is often in the air coming in with divekicks. chun has to space well to hit yun out of those with her anti-airs so a very aggressive yun gets to attack for free almost. because there is nothing really scaring him out of the air he has no reason to go up against chun’s ground game.
to hit a tight yun with a super you almost have to parry, and really probably red-parry at some point.

however, yun has to come down to earth to approach for genei. chun can potentially nail a low forward super here, although she risks eating a ton of damage if she misses. but the point is that the genei-approach is risky for BOTH chun and yun. although it has advantage yun with regards to getting the hit in, chun probably gains more from hitting an SA2. this might be a point of contention, but even if chun decides to turtle it and try to throw yun out of his command grab she still has less to fear from genei than other characters as has been previously stated.

the thing is , this edge only applies when yun’s execution is really really tight. an accidental dash punch that is blocked is pretty much a free SA2. basically chun doesn’t have as much to worry about execution wise and can win with less technical effort. also there is less that chun can do wrong.
i think this means that in actual play the matchup evens out, the yun player will have to be better than the chun player to win. and my understanding (or at least one definition) of tiers was that if you have to be better to win with a char, that character is lower tiered. meaning that chun is higher tiered than yun in common practice. slightly lower tiered in theory.

not to mention ssgk gives chun a pretty threatening option early in round if the yun is trying to play any type of ground game without GJ on.


Your AV is awesome. I want the original picture. :wonder:

yun is the best char in the game …only shit about yun is take a lot of work …and you make one mistake and you are dead vs chun , makoto , dudley , necro …etc etc

I don’t necessarily agree with some of those. Chun’ is a far worse match-up for Necro than Yun is. Necro can’t do shit that’s safe against Chun’, and her back FP alone completely shuts down half his pokes. His bread and butter combos miss her half the time as well.

no way ken vs necro is 7-3 too.

alex vs ken isn’t 7-3 either.

dudley vs necro isn’t 7-3 dudley…like clearly

neither is dudley vs remy.