Has Dee-Jay a weird Hitbox or why do I miss him?

is it just me or does dee-jay and balrog don’t go well? i have big problems to connect even the simplest combos. after a fa crumple i cant connect cMK -> cLK/LP or clHK -> cMP/LP/LK. also in some situations it seams to be impossible to to connect anything after an overhead.

please help… thanks :slight_smile:

i don’t think deejay has a funky hitbox, in the times i’ve played him all of my combos have connected (or not connected) pretty consistently. Go in to training mode and try the same combos, then look at how/when (and what was the situation) when you did the combo and it didn’t connect.

You gave one specific situation (With fa crump into cr.mk etc), what are the others?

other situations was various overheads, close to far with lp and ex overhead