Has everyone dropped Felicia?

Or is this subforum just dead?

We’re just enjoying some catnip, bro.

I actually don’t know where Felicia players are, sorry. D:

I still play Felicia, but have also accepted that I can’t play Marvel Competitively. Too stressful and frustrating.

This past Monday I beat the Curleh West champ himself 3-0 with her on stream!

Crispy still runs Felicia, and so does DJHousen I think.

Those are the only two other competitive Felicia players I really know about.

it’s just dead. I wish she had

Do you have a link to the stream or know the name of it?

Yea, it’s a weekly in San Diego called SD Saltmines.

My match starts around 1:45:00 or something like that. I get bopped in winners finals and then in losers finals facepalm

3 air grabs in a row on storm? The mind games.

Storm kept falling out, but he just kept mashing a button and I just kept grabbing him for his troubles.