Has Ibuki ever won any major tournaments?

Ok, so I’m pretty new to 3s and I love ibuki! I’ve seen videos of pretty much two players. Aruka and Hossy doing crazy things with her… not sure if they have ever won any tournies though. Maybe I’m watching the wrong grand final videos :\

So my question is… Has an ibuki player ever won a major tournament? anywhere? Or is Ibuki just not armed well enough to handle the stronger members of the 3rd crew?

You pretty much answered your own question right there. Aruka has won a few ranbats in his time, but he has yet to win SBO. The top 3 give Ibuki such a hard time. She takes it a little lighter than Akuma but her stamina is still bad. Akuma has monster offense but Ibuki’s is pretty much average. It’s not bad because she has damaging options like Raida and Tsumuji.

She comes up short offensively. Although she has the mixups and the speed, the top 3 can take 50% in one go. Makoto can fully stun her in one combo and get that 50%.

Ibuki can clean house. It’s just incredibly difficult to do so. Even your boy Aruka has his problems. Aruka has major problems with a lot of Chun players. Mainly because one low forward is taking half that life guage.

You can almost say Ibuki is the faster, yet weaker female Akuma. Don’t let her spot on the tier list fool you though. She definitely can rape. If Ibuki just had Ryu stamina, she’d be getting somewhere because she isnt dieing so quickly.

Ibuki is a go big or get the fuck out kind of character.

I’ve been playing Ibuki for a bit now and I really fear twins, chun, and makoto. And the previous posters are right, her offensive abilities don’t make up for her small health bar. She just needs to have her normals upped a small bit along with more powerful supers.