Has mad catz secretly released a second batch of sticks?

on ebay these sticks wont go away, and 2 local game stops stores recently had 1 each and sold out the next day couple days ago, i see like 3 on craigslist where im from, they keep popping out of no where, and i read a thread on here madcatz was taking orders for a day. whats really going on?

are they eventually going to release so many sticks where they just sit on store shleves like guitar hero and rock band stuff do? lol

i know someone knows someone that knows someone that works for madcatz or capcom, there is know way you can work either company and not play street fighter lol, come on guys leak some info. thanks

Theyve been shipping these out weekly.

Well in australia our “first” batch was in april 20, and our “second” batch comes out june 20


Hopefully everyone that wants one will get one. I’m sure everyone that wants a stick will be able to get one down the road.

yeah, I do not believe these are limited edition. As I recall, I believe that madcatz stated that anyone who wants a stick will get one. So anyone who is paying a premium for it is just paying to play it sooner than later.

I was told there will be a “second edition” of the TE sticks at a local gamestop. Too lazy to search in the official fightstick thread, but I wonder how it will look like.

It’s not a secret if you make a thread about it.

well its kinda common sense its demand is very high so madcatz will make more its for profits, if your a businessman and your company makes a very high demand item obviously you will make more for the money >.<

lol secret

I was lucky to get one the 2nd week of April, but it seems like they’re making them as fast as possible, but fleabayers keep picking them up.

If you want one go to wiialerts.com and they will alert you when sites it search have sticks in stock via email and txt message. I just got mines from gamestop this MOnday.

Same design except 100% more contaminated with swine flu

They have said publicly that they will release them until everyone that wants one has one, sooooo not really a secret.

Who is starting the lawsuit against madcatz for lying?..saying the TE’s are limited. That’s not fair to a lot of people that payed over retail thinking these are not gonna be re-released. They should of atleast changed the color or graphic on the new release to keep the original TE more limited.

If i were mad catz, i would do the same

I would tell everyone this sticks are Unique and very limited, only 500 in the world. That way i would be hella rich and then, i will just keep selling the sticks monthly, then weekly… and then fuck it, you will see them on Walmart and Bestbuy lol

lol you guys are killing, me thanks for the info, dayam i feel like i got jipped from fleabay cause i thought these were limited only, and thanks for the website tip on the automatic alerts, and i i beileive they should change the graphics too on the first 2 runs, this sucks my TE stick is nothing more then a stick, im gona get rid of all my street fighter shit fuck it lol