Has Sagat an input lag online?



Hey guys, i have a problem with sagat online. from time to time i think my input comes out too late, especially when i am playing in the afternoon or at weekend. but sagat is the only char which i feel the input lag so hard, that´s gay cause he is my main char. then my clk combos didn´t work and i often get killed by noobs.
i ordered 2 times a worker from my inet provider and my connection is fine… me from germany. is this a problem from psn or sagat in online games??? i didn´t find the reason :frowning:
i already changed my router and modem and just playing with lan cable…
i opened the ports and made a dmz in the router…


Yeah, Sagat would be too op otherwise.

So they figured they would add some extra delay on his inputs when playing him online.


are u kidding me??? sometimes it´s stronger than other times… if this is true, sagat big up. ryu should be fixed…




man i really in trouble for this… maybe the european shit server are overfilled??? if anyone has a real tip for me, please say it or stfu…


He has an eye-patch. His reaction time is a little slower than the best of the cast who have 2 eyes.


you see they gave him input lag because if he didnt have it he would be to strong of a character. It was a balance patch. remember when you recently had to update the system to play online.


Funny thread. But here is a serious response…

It might like Sagat has more lag than other characters just because of his frame data. None of his normals are chainable and his links can be pretty tight so it feels less forgiving online.