Has someone hacked the Xbox 360 version?

No, I’m not asking for a copy.

The thing was, I was playing a CM match today that creeped me out…a Chun mirror. Any time I would throw a kikoken, my opponent would a Kikoken that would not dissipate on contact with mine, but go THROUGH my fireball and hit me as I’m dashing in behind my fireball. And yes, I’m positive it wasn’t an EX fireball, as my opponent had no EX stocks when this happened. Also, of course, Chun has different SFX for the EX version, which I did not hear. Also, as I was dashing in, I was about at normal round start range…if not that, around 3 steps forward from that range, away from my opponent when I was hit, with no St.RH from my opponent in sight.

Of all the times I wish I was recording a match, I wish it was this, so people don’t think I’m absolutely insane posting this. But I’m just wondering if anyone has seen this, or heard of anyone getting banned from Live for SF4 hacks or whatnot, or if this has ever happened to anyone. Or if this is some insanely rare glitch either with the game itself or within the netcode that I haven’t seen in my plethora of matches.

are you sure that your kikoken didnt just dissipate?

opponents can throw a fireball RIGHT BEFORE chuns is about to dissipate, and it will look as if the fireball went straight through the kikoken.


Well, it was a LK Kikoken that I threw, and the opponent was about two steps away from full screen.

I’m playing him again, I’m going to see if I can bait it again on cam.

Go to your recent played matches and dig his gamertag out?

hmmmm… welll then that explains it.

you shouldnt be throwing kikokens with light kick :rofl:


LOL oops…I meant LP

I have his GT. I just won’t throw it out there until I’m sure something’s fishy. No sense in ruining someone’s rep other than mine on something they didn’t do.

Ok, after about 10 matches…I think I can put this mystery to bed. I must’ve not been as acutely aware as I thought I was. I’ll facepalm myself over this thread and take my losses. It just freaked me out.

I plan on doing that to scrubs who dont use SRK.