Has the future of this game been spoiled for you?

I have the feeling that the game has been compromised for a lot of people considering DLCGate has been breached now people are considering not buying the game… I’m currently looking at two of my friends returning copies and also one friend recouping money on a pre-order who was actually waiting until release day to get it even though the whole SoCal scene has copies…I personally think the game is amazing but am very frustrated I’m losing my sparring partners (I only can go so far to seriously train online)

I feel like the people going so far as to drop the game completely over this are overreacting a bit. What Capcom has done here is not new. We, of all people, should realize that. We are the community, after all, notorious for buying the same game multiple times.

Nope. I’m still picking it up tomorrow for sure.

Waiting for Super AE 2012 SFxTekken now!

Nope still picking it up tonight and am mad I ain’t playing this shit right now.

I’m still gonna go hard on this game regardless just makes it hard when I only have online players to play then they moved WNF to walnut I stayed like 15 min from other locations

The future of this game has not been spoiled for me.

However, the present is another story…

Maaaaaaannnn people would be dumb not to pick this game up.

I wouldn’t even have a problem paying 100$ for such an awesome roster. Hate them or not, Capcom delivers content and quality and I will definitely be supporting this game. Amazing training mode + godlike netcode + refreshing gameplay mechanics + bug free game. Take notes other fighting game developers! :rolleyes:

I need a new fighting game to play anyway. SSF4 is fun, but i need a new challenge.

Dropping Street Fighter x Tekken because new characters and alternative costumes are guaranteed?


I’m stoked to play the new 12 but it’s like there aren’t any surprises left as to how it will work we’ve got extensive plays a stream going outfits are shown like I’m still trying to see if its ruined for me or not. Now that I think of it since the footage and hacked gameplay videos I haven’t played

I’d rather see the games for what it is instead of what it should’ve been.

It’s a really good and fun game with a few of my favourite characters missing.

I would say yes and no. No because I’m still getting it at midnight tonight (thanks mass effect), and I’m still going to play it because it looks fun and fighting games are my thing, but I also say yes because to have characters on the disc to this degree of completion (regardless of whether they’re going to be tweaked they’re playable) and have us pay to unlock them makes me feel like they dont care about me at all and they just want my money. And yes I know thats exactly whats happening but I dont like feeling like it. Why call it downloadable content in the first place if you’re not downloading much of anything?

Capcom told me I was getting 38 characters. I am excited about 38 characters. I was fully intending to pay for 38 characters. They then announced 12 more characters that I would have to pay extra for. I fully intended to pay more for those 12 more characters. The fact they are on the disk means absolutely nothing. I am still paying for exactly what I always thought I would be paying for, 38 originally and then another 12. People canceling their order on what could very well be the best fighting game released in years are completely overreacting. I hope they go play mass effect 3 and enjoy their 900$ of day 1 DLC.

Pretty sure nobody is “dropping” SFxT for those reasons. Some are definitely waiting though before they throw endless money at the game. There’s still a dozen characters and other content that won’t be available till much later. By the time that happens, Gem/costume prices could drop, bugs/glitches will be patched out, and I’d probably find a used copy for 10 bucks off the original price.

I waited 2 years with baited breath for this game to come out. What’s another couple of months for the other 12 to arrive to the party?

I’m pretty sure everyone expected shenanigans like this, so it doesn’t ruin anything for me :coffee:

If you were going to wait for price drops and more complete editions to save money, that makes sense. But to all the people who had this pre-ordered and were “excited,” but are now cancelling to save money because the DLC was the last straw, then you have some financial priorities to get sorted out. If you can’t afford $15-20 of additional DLC, then how did a $60 toy fit into your budget to begin with?

People are just sensationalizing because what Capcom is doing is admittedly lame, but it makes perfect sense from a business standpoint.

I’m still going to get it, but best believe I’m a tad salty about the DLC characters, which I honestly only cared about two, so… I won’t be digging in my pants to give them spare change for it.

not buying this shit, at least not befor buying SG and P4MA