Has the online performance improved?

I enjoyed MvC3, but I always felt that the game often had bouts of unacceptable lag. Has the netcode/online performance been improved in Ultimate?

Thanks for the input, and if this has been posted elsewhere please just direct me to that thread.

yes and no. the game runs much smoother, but there’s still a lot of instances of seeing an attacking coming at you but still being unable to react to it. it’s a step up from vanilla, but that’s about it.

It feels completely different. From my experiences, instead of large input lag, now you get a million frames skipped. It’s a different kind of netcode, but it also takes much worse connections to result in such a disaster that easily occurred in Vanilla.

Online is pretty bad for the moment. I played about 10 ranked matches earlier and each was supposed to be 4-5 bars but there was lag. I was dropping really simple stuff, blocks were whiffing and assists didn’t come out.

Compared to Kof13? Yes.
I can do everything I do offline, just takes a little bit of adjustment as it is slightly slower.
Although I’ve had some matches that were downright unplayable. @_@
It’s a better practice tool than Vanilla.

The online is a huge improvement. All you need is 2 solid connections and it’s just about SSF4 level.

Thanks for the input guys. I get the general sense that Ultimate MvC3 is an improvement over MvC3, which is great to hear.

Does anyone else agree with Smashbro29 that the game is close to SSF4 level? If it can achieve that, I am golden.

For me it actually feels worse than vanilla. I feel more input lag when i play.

Is there a way that you can create lag? I’ve played a few matches and it happens in other games WAAAY more in mvc3 than in streetfighter, but here’s how it goes:

The game is running fine, i hit them, crazy lag and i drop my combo, they hit me as a result and the lag is gone. It’s infuriating.

Like i said it happened in streetfighter sometimes but it’s not comparable, when people sucked with ryu,threw out a random shinkuu and then was a boat of lag as you tried to jump over it sudddenly.

So, what gives?

It runs pretty good with my stuff, and I’m on a Wireless connection.

That’s lag switching. Not sure how it’s done, but it can happen in any game. In the early days of vanilla SFIV and MVC2 (also HD Remix) this was commonly abused. You don’t see it in SSFIV as much, because more or less there is a smaller scrub population for that game online,

[S]It’s worse than Vanilla.[/S]

I find it a bit worse then Vanilla, mainly because MVC3 seems to be a bit more “free” (movement wise) while UMVC3 feels like they tried to make movement kinda SFIV-ish if you get what I’m saying. Hell even Offline UMVC3 feels kinda SFIV-ish.

It’s better than Vanilla, I almost never get a bad match when I do the auto matchmaking, and rarely have problems in lobbys. One of the smoothest running fighting games I’ve played online. You can even look on the rank leaderboards and see a couple people from the forums here in the top 50… so obviously the game must be playable competitively. Even some of the known and respected people in the community (such as Maximillian) say the online performance is a big improvement and runs fine for practicing with people across the country… so you know it’s not “random capcom fanboys trolling” like the naysayers will have you believe.

Funny how people have such drastic differences in online performance in the game. Although if you actually look at some of the things people are saying I get the feeling from some of that responses are people are blaming dropped combos and misused assists on the netcode…

There’s obviously some other issues going on here if some people run better and some run worse. Not sure if it’s ISP based, or certain hardware, or what. But if it’s good for some people then theoretically theres a way for everyone to get it running properly. The people with problems should try collecting data and trying to figure out the problem, because it really is possible to run fine.

Problem is (and I am just assuming here) that no one is doing say… playing against their friends from different locations in MvC3 and then doing it in UMvC3 and comparing the results. In order to tell if the online is better or not, we need to do some actual tests, with more relevant information (wired vs wireless, properly forwarded ports or not, overall line quality, any routing issues which could arise from things switching to one ISP to another [if applicable]).

That’s just me though.

Its awful, as to be expected. Unless you are running fio at best you are gonna get lag, dropped inputs, and cheap deaths. Its only online though, so its not to be taken seriously. Have fun with it, learn some combos, just don’t get into bad habits like playing online can do to you. Just be wary of broken “online” characters like anyone who has a teleport or characters with armor. Shit will blow you up if you aren’t good with lag.

Its not stuttering as frequently and does not move like under water as frequent, but it drops more inputs or adds more depending on your situation.

Hmm, it would be good if Capcom told us how the netcode works in this case (haven’t really seen much on this at all). For all we know the netcode IS better but it’s just that everything between the 2 players is screwed.

I am gonna go ahead and guess that the input delay is based on latency between players, but this can change at any time between matches for a large number of reasons (most which the player can’t do anything about). I can see how this would affect the game if you constantly dropped to say 4 bars and went up to 5, the game would try to “fix” itself by constantly adding or removing input delay? MvC3 felt like underwater to me a lot of the time so if its like that then it’s probably not that different from before, I haven’t played online yet, just working on my Nova atm.

With more info maybe some guys that really know about this stuff (my networking knowledge is basic at best) could help everyone improve their setups (to at least help with the online play a bit).

I can share my info as someone who is running nicely:

PS3, wired connection, DMZ set up to the PS3 (so all ports are forwarded to PS3). Brighthouse ISP in Tampa, Florida. Router is Linksys WRT54G. uPnP enabled. Router Firmware v8.00.5. I did a Speedtest on DSLReports.com from 971 miles away (Tampa to NJ - I was on phone on Skype as test was performing as well) Results: 10,670 Kbps download, 1,842 upload Kbps. (Heres a link to the results: http://i.dslr.net/imc/0/8/8/4/99700697.png)

If anyone would like any more information that I did not provide, just let me know.

Also, I have 2 people on my list that played Vanilla and now play UMvC with me. We usually had acceptable results, but with 1 of them we had a slight bit of lag sometimes (about 50% of the time), and we have not had that issue since release of Ultimate. Definitely feels smoother. Also I would occasoinally run in to random matches w/ random people with heavy lag more often, I’ve gotten VERY few bad games with random people in comparison to vanilla.

I find that the online is a lot better. The lobbies seem to be a bit laggy for my liking, but 1v1 in player matches and ranked matches run very smoothly for me.

I’m not seeing a difference and I had 3k+ games played on Vanilla. I’d have to say anyone noticing a difference is undergoing a placebo effect.