Has the penalty for rage quitting now in effect?


Correct me if I’m ever wrong on anything guys but I read that in April’s update that Capcom was going to start penalizing players for rage quitting. Is that now in full effect? I have been playing against a lot of guys with low league points but high rank lvl characters. I still get quitters every now in than but its good to see action being taken. I don’t care with league points anymore. I just want to play some good games with some good players and maybe learn a thing or two from them as I go. Some days I lose 1000 league points and other days I gain them. I do notice some players with cheap tactics but I don’t know if it would be consider cheap but to me I can kind of pick up who’s a professional at the game and whos not. I feel like if I were to lose I would rather lose to a professional than a cheap player just spamming throws or a certain move the whole game. They take advantage of the lag and don’t know no set ups but still it gets in. It’s simple and you are able to read their movements but can’t do anything about it.


I don’t think they’re penalizing anyone for anything. The game is full of ragequitters still.


Players with high rage quit percentages get banned from online play. That’s the only fix though so if you’re fighting someone who only occasionally rage quits, you’ll still have problems. Which I’m sure the majority of issues are with people who just rage quit on occasion.


Why not get your butt whooped like a man? League points are just for show. I can beat someone with high league points with my low rank and they quit on me lol. I’m currently stuck at around 3,000 now.


Same reason some people steal from the grocery store instead of buying like a man.


Niggas gotta eat.


You can’t say that someone is spamming a cheap move. I play Birdie and played against a guy that kept jumping. I started air chaining his ass and he never learned not to jump… am I cheap for continuing to air chain him? No! This game is pretty well balanced and for every action there’s a reaction. You just need to know what it is. Don’t blame your lack of knowledge on someone being cheap or lame… no offense meant.


I make a distinction between lame and cheap. I play FANG, pretty much considered a bottom tier character. I have mediocre reactions, terrible execution, but halfway decent reads. I play lame as hell. I don’t blame people for getting frustrated when playing against me, because I go in with the gameplan of getting a life lead, locking down my opponent from as far away as possible and running out the clock. It’s lamest, least hype playstyle you will ever see. But is it cheap? Hell no. If you can’t handle my scrubby down+back bullshit you don’t deserve to win. Stop jumping. Don’t throw out unsafe shit because it will lead to big damage if it hits by pure luck. I faced a Nash who sat in the corner waiting for me to throw Nishikyu so he could V-reversal and cross me up. So I did nothing but V-skill and run out the clock until he got annoyed and started randomly moonsaulting. A YOLO Ken kept trying to jump in with ambiguous cross-ups, so I just hit cr.HP -> Ryubenda all match. A Ryu got frustrated and started throwing Hadokens. Sure, I could go over there and try to punish, but I might eat an anti-air or a combo and I had the life lead, so instead I kept using the coward crouch and neutral jumps from full screen until he realised he had 12 seconds until I won.

And this is not me trying to sound like I’m better than I am. I’m by no means good at the game. The point is that I’m lame, but I’m definitely not cheap. Maybe a bit of an asshole. Definitely a coward.


Why don’t they just lose 130LP if they disconnect? Just like in SFIV.


Losing points because someone has a shitty connection is worse than not getting points for a win. Not to mention the people whose connection will “mysteriously” go to shit after you start making a comeback.

There’s a 2-hour ban from Ranked/Casual for disconnecting, but it only happens if you disconnect several times. That should maybe happen every time.

Just give me a cheat to unlock the titles so I can stop pretending like internet points matter plz