Has the (US) Wii Fight Stick been discontinued?

These things seem to be getting harder to find online near original MSRP in the US.

I just picked up the last one today in the local area at MSRP ($49.99). There’s a chance I might break down and get a Wii for a few games as well as for a GameCube stand-in.

Just a few weeks ago I had seen a cluster of 6-8 of these Wii sticks at the same store.

Online prices for the Hori Wii Fight Stick in the American market seem to be going up quite a bit. Seems like it’s still available in Asia, though. About $20 more expensive than it was in the US. I know a few others here have found the same stick on clearance for closer to $20.

On the other hand, it’s not the only Wii fighter stick I have seen, though.

Exar is selling a Wii Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom stick in Asia, too. $10 more than the list price for the Wii fight stick on Play Asia, though.

I did pop open the Wii Fight Stick I got today and noted that Hori seems to still be using a lot of the same old components that popped up in the Hori American Tekken 5 stick. The spring’s the same, the shaft seems to be similar, and overall arrangement of the interiors (minus the 3 mini-buttons) is typical.

Should be no harder to mod than the T5 was for sure!

You definitely need to do some work on the JLF before you can properly mount it in the case. There’s a guide on how to dremel the Jlf parts; Just look for Namco JLF Mod.

i’ve been trying to find a wii hori stick for weeks for tatsunoko. i’m pretty these have been discontinued i used to see them all the time but now it says the closest gamestop near me that has one is like 150 miles. sexy. good thing someone on srk sold me one recently.

I think it has. I picked up two as soon as TvC was announced for the US. There a still a couple available about 18-20 miles from where I am though. $40 retail here.

Wow, just checked eBay, that’s nuts. I bought mine for $20 with free shipping from an eBay auction months ago…they were the one stick that avoided the post-SF4 price hike (for obvious reasons).

Sounds like a market Mad Catz should jump on.

Mad Catz already showed prototype TvC Arcade Stick for Wii.

They’re already attempting to. There’s images floating around of their preproduction TvC stick (SE Fightstick chassis with TvC artwork).

I got Hori Wii Fighting Stick from ebay for like $40 like a month ago and went ahead and modded in Sanwa parts. Works great, now I just need to add some artwork.

There are a handful of them about 4+ miles away in my area for $39.99. =/

I too noticed the sudden price increase. As such I would just wait for the Mad Catz ones to come out. They will cost a little more, but will be much easier to mod and in my opinion have a much better casing.

Sounds cool. If they put Sanwa parts on an SE Chassis, they could make it cheaper and you get a quality stick. I love my modded SE. Though I’m betting they’re using their basic parts right?

Bet on it.

Yep, my local game store (not GameStop) has had one of these since I’m guessing they were released. I don’t expect it to go anywhere either.

i wouldn’t mind grabbing another eventually. i modded mine into a 360 stick before finding out that tvc was coming to america

Mods aren’t a problem for me. I’ve done 6 intense mod jobs – 5 Tekken 5 sticks, 1 Arcana Heart 2 stick.

On my computer, I’ve already bookmarked a site that goes into the Wii Fight Stock mod.

I’ll probably do less modding on the JLF than that fellow did. In his mod, he cut off the “wings” of the base and also “broke” the circuit of the JLF PCB since the Wii Fight Stick isn’t Common Ground. I can’t see a way to get around the PCB mod but would be willing to dremel into the Fight Stick case a bit to fit the JLF base better.

Other than that, it seemed fairly similar to the Tekken 5 mod. QD electrical lines will definitely have to be much shorter because of the shorter base height!

Only thing I’d want to add are glued-on rocks or heavy metal to give the stick some “oomph.” My main complaint is that it’s too light in stock condition.

The stock Hori stick can definitely be upgraded with full JLF replacement or by stiffer replacement spring. I’ll probably go ahead with the full JLF replacement but retain the original light blue ball handle since Hori stick parts are partly interchangeable with the JLF…

Good luck Smarty Pants. :smiley:
"intense" mod jobs? Talk to me when you’re doing customs.
BTW, Just bend the pins on the buttons if you’re going to be using quick disconnects on the fighting stick.

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Wii pcb and fs3 pcb ARE common ground. Hori ex2 has a NONcommon ground.

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