Has there ever been a character whose offense mainly consisted of counters?


I know some characters have counters already to complement their arsenal, but has there ever been a character who had to completely rely on counters as their main offense?


Hakumen from Blazblue.


playing 3rd Strike?


Gai from KOF XI is the closest thing I can think of to go with your description.

Many other characters have counters, but Gai’s counters definitely play a much bigger role in his offense.

I was going to put Baiken, but she’s way too flexible of a character to fit that description.


Lei Fang(DOA) and Aoi(VF)???


Didn’t Jun(Tekken) have a shit load of counters?


^ Not that I recall. She had the one catch reversal and I think that was it.


Todo cvs2


Uh…Gai doesn’t have any counters.

Uh…he has only one counter, and it’s a Super.

Seriously, do people not know what a counter actually is???


Third Strike Remy only has one counter move, a super, but his offense is so shitty he basically has to rely on counters anyways.


Exdeath from Final Fantasy Dissidia is the closest I can think of.


Aoi in VF can be played with a primarily counter based strategy


Rasetsu Jubei in Samurai Shodown 4 has moveset consisting from counters, guard-breaker move (whiffs if opponent wont block) and a projectile
Rasetsu Hanzo in 3D samshos has moveset consisting from counters, close-range grapples (can be linked after counters as well) and teleports


This one:


Kenshin from sengoku basara x. Probably the best counter character that actually relies on counters. First reason is that any counter leads into an infinite. A real infinite. The round is over. The reason that makes him a more complete character is that he has an ice status effect that slows the enemy down. This gives you more time to see what move the enemy is doing and do a counter. The ice effect triggers from his projectile even touching you. It also triggers from his counter touching you, even if you don’t do a move and the counter doesn’t go off. There are points where you could do a counter, and then because of the freeze do another counter in time to catch the attack meant to punish the first counter. This results in a situation where you spend a lot of time without being able to press any buttons for fear of getting countered into infinite. You can either wait it out, backdash, or try a command grab.


counters are a defense mechanic. Don’t see how a character who relies on them a lot can be called an offensive character.


Encore > Counter > win.


yeah… no.

imo Baiken is the best answer. Her counters completely change how every character normally plays in order to handle the match-up.


How is that a ‘No’?

His [Haku=men]'s Drive is a counter-grab, his sword attacks EAT projectiles, 1 of his DDs and his Astral are Counters.


Geese and Rock are “counter” characters, although their offense isn’t limited to just that. There aren’t any true counter-only characters, as that would be a pretty big handicap if you’re just relegated to sitting and waiting for the other person to do something.

Maybe Yamazaki, as he’s a pretty good turtle character.