Has there ever been a "combo challenge"?

It seems like they’re always trying to mix it up a little to keep matches interesting (like having teams or whatnot). I always thought it would be cool to have a “horse” kinda combo competition where the players would take turns trying to do combos of their choosing, and the one who can’t pull it off would lose a point or something. Maybe that could be popular (people love combos)…

We did this as kids on the SNES with SF2T. Except instead of playing Horse, we’d play Combo. C-O-M-B-O. Get it? Oh ho ho, we’re so funny.

Rules were:
– When it was your turn, you had to say what you were doing before you attempted it (so it’s clear what a botch was)
– If you failed to perform your attempted combo, your turn was over.
– If you succeed in your attempted combo and your opponent did it too, your turn was over and then it’s their turn to pick a combo. (This is to encourage risk-taking; you don’t get to go again and again…)
– If you succeeded in your attempted combo and your opponent did not, they get a letter and your turn is over.
– You can’t do the same combo twice in a competition, or within X turns, whatever you decide it to be. (Keeps things diverse and interesting rather than one player doing the same combo forever that the opponent can’t.)

That said, I think wacky combos are to ST what the slam dunk contest is to basketball – flashy, but not really all that necessary or representative of the game. Especially the impractical combos, haha.

Sounds fun. In for some of this on 2df later. :slight_smile: