Has this been discovered yet?

Juri can juggle opponents off a point-blank EX low fireball when** the opponent** is focusing

All characters can juggle with EX pinwheels, lk pinwheels, and a second EX fireball
Also, you can juggle to ultra2 in the corner
Big characters can juggle to ultra2 anywhere on screen


Something I learned but never went deep into b

lol thats cute

Honestly, I didn’t know that. I mean, yeah I knew you could combo before both fuhajins hit but not after. I’ll have to give that a try…


With that setup that’s what I found. Those are the characters it works on.

Holy crap! that is awesome!

i remember a looong time ago you said that was bs when i first brought it up. Ah the good ol days.
Oh oh do the a really swag one.
Fa crumple> lk fireball (when they are about to hit the ground from the crumple)>fadc> u2 do eeet! in the corner you can do it without meter and it does some okay damage as well =D

Off a crumple you should always do ex dive kick IMO. Does the most damage I believe.

alot of people also dont seem to know you can juggle a standing opponent with a dive kick after a forward jumping mp, which isnt in the air at all

Not that we don’t know. Its strict and not worth the risk of missing and wasting meter.

Need to land, then do it. Much easier.

Its purely for styling on ppl.