Has this ever happened to you at the arcade?


Ive known about marvel vs capcom 2 for many years and now im actually getting into it. So what everybody does to get better i go to the arcade to try and “practice” find my team i can work with and wouldn’t you know it this little “kid” with his mom (obviously) challenges me. I don’t mind being challenged by the kid i beat him but this is where the problem occurs. After i beat him he challenged me 10 more times and beat him. Not like im proud of it but he wasted so much of my time i wanted to practice X.X. So has this ever happen to yall? a annoying little kid or anybody in general constantly challenging you?


09er failure at its finest…


what that suppose to mean?



Says enough.


If you didn’t use this boy as practice, then you sir, do not play to win.

Sanford Kelly would have beaten the kid once, made him die of shame, and then treated the kid’s mom to a wonderful time, and never called her back.


09er=-me which means i fail? lol

How am i suppose to play to win? when i have not found my team yet to win with? Which i was tryin to do


I can’t wait till next year when we will be saying “Stupid 10’ers”


I wont be one of thoses Lol


You user name should be changed from “BIG WORM” to “small penis


This sure smell like bait, those 04 and there silly jokes. Its like posting with a cute ken avatar and have for username TootyFruityKen.


get a console…problem solved.


Wait, people in GD play fighting games? I’m so out of touch…


i know that >.> i was saying has anyone shared a similar experience but it looks like to me i shouldn’t of said anything. But meh you learn from your mistakes :china:



gdlk :clapdos:


ty for the visual :clapdos:


The fuck is an arcade?


lol…seriously…why did i laugh out loud at this…lol so sad and so true.


I concur… I was roommates with XTG a couple years back, and I learned everything I know about MvC2 and SF from this guy. He had consoles and actually had more value for practice since we didn’t waste money at the arcade.


Eeeeeeeh no. I think the 09 stigma is going to be around for a few years.