Has This Ever Hit?



i was practicing and i seen a vid where someone did a Fierce Uppercut and while their opponent was landing he used the crounching FB special… and it hit:eek:

please someone tell me how to do this…what groove do u gotta be in? or does it matter

please help me


It was probably CvS2 EO.


might be P groove


Duh. It must have been Agroove. After activation and what not.


there are only 3 posibilities for this:

  1. like DL said, it was in Agroove, a CC of some sort
  2. like RaginStormX said, it was CVS2 EO. Pgroove in this game has been changed, so you can do supers right after some specials
  3. its some crazy new Japanese thing that ive never seen b4 (which is unlikely, cause ive practicly seen it all :slight_smile: )