Has zangief been dethroned as king of the grapplers?

since his lariat was nerfed and the only buff he really got was U2(which really isn’t that great of a buff to begin with…)

so has he finally been dethroned and removed as king of the grapplers?

If you consider Abel a grappler, then yes. Otherwise, I think he’s still king.

yeah abel’s a grappler(more so then el fuerte who rarely even grabs to begin with)and his U2 is actually very very good
and from what I’ve read
the tornado throw cancels out all other throws in the game(most throws anyways)even supers and ultras
now if that’s true

then wow…

  1. Abel
  2. Zangief
  3. T Money
  4. Hakan

It’s been that way since vanilla came out in arcades. I don’t know why people are freaking out about it now.

His Normal TT beats all throws, but loses to attacks. (properly timed)
His EX TT beats all attacks, but loses to throws.

Gief can shut Abel down because he has better pokes and a much better wakeup game. If he has U2 stocked, then he can shut down your wakeup game a little bit, but you’ve still got the advantage overall. Abel was pretty good and only got better, but I still think Gief is slightly better. He may have slightly worse matchups vs. higher-tier characters, but he still rapes a lot of the other cast. I think Abel has to work harder for his victories than Gief. All Gief needs is one knockdown and a knowledge of the wakeup games, and it’s a Russian Party.

it just seems like Zangief’s less effective then in SF4
his lariat is a bit iffy now even when used as a anti air

you fucking know it’s bad when top gief players start to use other characters jan, zangitan and few other gief players now that’s fucking TERRIBAD … BTW I’M NOT PUTTING ANYONE ON BLAST THANKS

yeah it’s a sad time to be a gief player indeed

What I hate is Dahsilm or seth running away and poking gief as he trys to get close!!! I love how my ex grabs get beat by normal grabs.

Hell no: Abel’s U2 might be ridiculously easy to land, and gief’s lariat is heavily nerfed, but he still is the king IMO. He has the strongest throws, he now has an anti air throw in the form of an ultra, his green hand is probably the best tool any grappler can have for getting around quickly, his lariat is still on par with dragon punching for anti air, and certainly still has the reputation as the go-to grappler of choice for scrubs…

His nerfs have damaged his competitiveness in tournaments though :frowning: less giefs now, but Itabashi will always be a gief player at heart, and that’s all that matters!.

I call bullshit on that, his PPP lariet anti air done properly (i.e. done from a crouch) is exactly the same as in SF4, what was changed in SSF4 was the hitbox hitting some crouching opponents.

Abel > Zang, but zang is #2 grappler.

I love this coming from a guy crying and screaming and starting threads about how T Hawk is far superior to gief.

“screaming and crying” yep, i was screaming and crying, not just making suggestions on how T. hawk should be toned down, as he is basically SF4 gief but with a dragon punch.

Remove Hakan and replace with El Fuerte. His U2 alone makes him MUCH better than Hakan.

@ This thread.

Hell no. Zangief is still probably the best grappler in the game, and if not, he is slightly lower than Abel. I mean seriously? Okay, so your lariat doesn’t give you 100 chip damage on block like it used to, and you can’t use it like an* idiot*, but Zangief has been in MUCH worse positions on the tier list in the past and people dedicated to him STILL made him look like a monster.

Seriously it’s not like you’re Hakan.

I’d love to go and dig up your old posts because all of them are all ridiculous.

Yes, you were screaming and crying. One of the worst threads ever.

PS. I also loved it when you vowed never to return because you were getting flamed for all your idiotic posts. But then you were back the next day.

lol @ next day. more like 6 months later actually, and only because I need SRK because of the wealth of information here… are you looking for a fucking fight or something?

I love how there aren’t any mods, or if there are they really cba with trying to control this place.

go ahead and dig them up, I really don’t give a shit.

Abel’s U2 is not easy to land, but at least it is much better than Gief’s nigh-useless U2
Green hand is not a good tool for getting around… Marseilles Roll and F+MK say hello
Only things Gief has over Abel is one move that works for AA, whereas Abel needs to use three different moves that aren’t invincible… and then he can hit confirm into knockdowns like crazy and then he’s got his ridiculously EZ mode oki game whereas Abel needs to put in some more effort (but he can still get the same payoff). But Gief can be zoned easily compared to Abel, and Abel still has his gdlk U1 to put him above Gief. Abel also doesn’t need to burn meter to get good knockdowns…

Abel was better than Gief in SF4 and is way better in SSF4. Gief ain’t even top ten in this game and Abel is top 5 easy

Abel might not be able to get hit in his roll, but he certainly can be command grabbed, and his roll is much slower than gief’s greenhand. Greenhand gets gief around faster, but its unsafe and you can’t do a backwards green hand like abel can do a backwards roll… so all in all I think they are even, but I agree Abel is better than gief now.

As for abel’s U2 not easy to land – you can time it, so you can wait for the opponent to jump, then release as opponent lands, or if the opponent knows how to counter, the ultra can be canceled, or you could just go straight for it, as its very difficult to react fast enough (he travels across the screen at the speed of light ffs) + input lag online won’t help. Only good thing, is that it doesn’t nearly do as much damage as his U1 thank god.

Gief is sooo atleast top 10. This is a dumb debate because Gief is still king of grapplers because if it went down to all the grapplers fighting and then it came down to Gief and Abel. Gief would win so no, he hasn’t been dethroned as king of grapplers. Abel does have way batter matchups though. But when it comes to grapplers…still Gief.

Abel can’t do a backwards roll, and roll is overall shorter duration than green hand. they both lose to grabs.

U1 is approximately one billion times better than U2. vs. U2, don’t jump… problem solved.

this is a stupid semantic argument. it could come down to Gief and Fuerte. what then?