Hatboro/Horsham/Warminster PA Gaming Arena opening soon - anyone for a Fight Club?


We are opening a gaming arena in Hatboro PA in the next month or so and I’m trying to feel out the local scene, if any, for a weekly fight club as well as tournament(s). Ideally would host a regular weekly fight club on whatever day works, from something like 6pm-11pm (or whenever).

More details on the arena will be posted soon, but will be in a storefront retail space with about 12 new xbox 360 stations as well as a PS3 or 2, Wii(s) and some old gen consoles as well (i.e. Dreamcast for 3rd strike etc., Xbox original for CvS2, SF Anniversary ed. etc.)

Please feel free to reply with interest. Thanks!

(FYI this space is opening either way and we are fully commited to a local gaming scene in Hatboro - just trying to gauge the fighting scene in Hatboro)