Haters gonna hate - The MvC2 Online Hall of Shame

Many of you are probably playing this game online on the PS3 and the X-Box 360, and you’ve probably run into your fair share of ragequitters and scrubs who send you scathing hatemail for the crime of you whipping their asses like a government mule.

However, there are a few players online who are rather notorious. Be they God awful players who kick and scream when you win, to scrubs who spout off awful excuses such as “YOU ABUSE ASSISTS!” and "I BET YOU CAN’T PLAY WITHOUT MAGNETO!"
they basically stand out as being the scrubbiest of the scrubs.

This thread will now immortalise those players, so anybody who looks upon it will know who they are and how they behave online towards other players.

If you want to put an entry here, feel free to do so, but provide evidence in picture or video form of these players. Simply hating on a player will not do, they have to be a pretty BAD example to wind up here.

If you have the misfortune of finding your name here, you really need to learn to play the game better, and/or stop blaming everybody for your lack of game.

And now, without further ado.


1) SlumberyJay (X Box 360)

Reason: Whiny, Verbally Abusive, Poor Sport, Ragequits
Evidence?: [media=youtube]hQ5sgAfH2ks[/media]
(Ragequits) [media=youtube]BAbL-9Aipc8&feature=related[/media]

This guy is quickly becoming the laughing stock of the MvC2 community. He plays a team of Amingo/Shuma-Gorath/Jin…pretty badly (he can’t even complete an air combo with Amingo!) and he will blast your ears with obscenities and various excuses for losing. He challenged Romneto to not play Magneto, Sentinel, Storm or Psylocke in a money match, and he got his ass handed to him without any of those characters.

There are numerous videos of him losing to other players and reacting very badly. I had to even comment in one video where he mentions he has a young 4 year old daughter, and I said, “Is THAT the example you’re going to set for her?”




Reason: Ragequits matches, verbally abusive.
Evidence?: Right here.

This player is causing quite a stir on the PSN. He’s an…adequate player, but beat him too badly and not only will be ragequit, but basically spam your Inbox telling you the usual rubbish about how you have no life playing video games. By the way, that response you see in my Inbox? It came about because I killed his Sentinel And Doom with ROLL. Et tu, GoW?


Reason: Whiner, Verbally Abusive
Evidence?: [media=youtube]qhGscHDkGRo[/media] (Listen closely and read the comments below)

Do a Google Search on this guy, and you will see threads on Gamespot saying how much of a hypocrite and all around poor sport he is. He will say that you’re a coward that hides behind assists, and yet plays team Scrub, which is notorious for, you guessed it, running with Cable while hiding behind Commando’s Assist. He is also ULTRA annoying. i remember a game I had with him a couple of weeks ago where he actually went on voice chat to start whining. I had beat him 2-1 on that day (the lst match went to him, but my wins still outnumber his.) I eventually had to block him, because his level of whining got too much for me to bear.

Even on Gamespot, you can see virtually PAGES of him not only bashing players on what takes ‘true skill’ (LOL) but also threatening to sue them if they use his name. (See Page 2 of the link.)


4) mack_dee_619 (PS3)

Reason: Notorious rage quitter.
Evidence?: [media=youtube]OKKeAwcP_BA[/media] (Added by EZ-The-Champion)

I’ve heard lots of horror stories about this guy. About how he always ragequits matches against players. From the video EZ put up, he seems like the type to make excuses for running away from matches. Not admirable at all.

5) RD2FLY (PS3)

Reason: Teabagger, Rage Quits

Another example of a cocky player who teabags when he wins and bolts like a scalded dog when he’s about to lose.

6)WIZ_LowTierBeast (PS3)

Reason: Ragequitter, Whiner
Evidence: Ragequitting: [media=youtube]A486k9L-7BM[/media]
Whining: http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/7754/dsc00849jd.jpg

I wasn’t even going to consider him, really, but as soon as I put up the vid, I got quite a few comments stating that this guy is a whining ragequitter. So, up he goes with all of the other worthless scrubs.

7) datkidp85 (PS3)

Reason: Verbally abusive (Both on mic and off), Ragequits matches, Counterpicker

For the longest while, I wanted to put up this guy on the list. The guy is good, but an arrogant jackass. He will counterpick the hell out of you, and while it is annoying, that’s not the reason why he’s here. After winning, he will start to bray like the government mule that he is, demeaning you every step of the way. If he loses, he pulls the plug.

Feel free to add to the list if anybody widely accepted as bad is missing. Thanks!

Add these 4 more and here’s my proof of mack_dee_619!! It’s video of their “hate mail” after loosing to one of my low tier teams.

  1. [media=youtube]OKKeAwcP_BA[/media]
  2. [media=youtube]6rn4dyPChYw[/media]
  3. [media=youtube]OFb70EgMdyo[/media]
  4. [media=youtube]ODvQ8huABGA[/media]

ADD THESE FOUR THE LIST!!! Video 3 has to be the funniest of all of them.

ill add kaz-dj, rikkulouis, and KeeepAwaysEatDick

theres testimonies from other players about the first 2…KAED just ragequits

Add this guy as well!! Longest argument ever from a nOOb LOL!!!


Scrubouts to:

DNF2005 (PS3)

Beat his team of Cable and friends and he proceeds to spam messages.

CrimsonGunsmoke (PS3)

Just a newbie that can’t handle novice/advanced play.

SirRich0608 (PS3)

Man… One of the many Up/Back is the new Back style players. Laaaaame. You play like that, I rush you down, simple.

Proteusx312 (PS3)

Hahaha, this guy. Plays BH/Cable/Doom/Sent/Capcom (I think) and yet he complains that I’m FLYING. Dummmmb.

Here we go. Here’s your fifteen minutes of fame, WIZ! (You ragequitting jackass.)


His PMs to me after the match.


SlumberyJay just doesn’t know when to quit, and the volume of this guy’s fail just keeps on rising (I’ve added three more videos of him), so congrats, Jay! You are now NUMBER ONE ON THE LIST OF FAIL! HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE (see his last video above)

haha I love this thread. I have so many people ragequit on me daily that I don’t even have time to add them. Seriously, I’m average-ish skill level, but I guess my turtle style just really makes people mad. PSN has a LOT of shameless ragequitters and whiners. The saddest of them all are those that are actually quite skilled, sit on the character select and wait to counter pick you, and still shamelessly ragequit when things go against them even if they have beaten you a few times in a row previously, truly sad.

I cannot wait for ragequitter hell on mvc3. These are ragequits vs me just from feb 9th 2011. I didn’t take video, but the team I used was blackheart/sentinel/doom and between running away, chipping them to death, and using BH’s infinite was enough to make most these people shut off their systems.

dillingah (claims lag but I don’t buy it)
KeepAwaysAJoke (didn’t ragequit but sent me lots of garbage messages, then I dittoed him with BH/sent/capcom in a friendly room beat him again and left and he kept messaging me wanting more rematches and complaining about stupid crap)
kdog2009 (hard to beat (for me anyway) but once you do he ragequits on you)


Remember that it’s fairly common for one person to carry the brunt of the lag in a bad connection. Still, I imagine a lot of people RQ your team on sight.

you make a good point, but he also rage quit right when the match started as in less than 2 sec in lol. In previous matches he was pulling rouge combos/rushdown so I was a bit skeptical. I wonder if all the warpnetos/warpstorms who play me have no lag on their end.

haha I re-read the first post and I played gearofwar87 today and AMAZINGLY he didn’t ragequit on my bh/sent/doom but he was blowing up his mic, it was funny though because the way my sound is set-up I can’t hear anything anyone says on mic.

I just played KeepAwaysAJoke. He won, but he still whined. I messaged him asking him to respect his fellow players, instead of acting like a jackass. He says:

“How about you stop playing like a coward and then I’ll respect you?”

So, yeah. I’m going to be filming later tonight, enjoy your 15 minutes of fame, jackass.

Also, datkidp85, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve finally hit the list! How does it feel?

If it makes you feel better I beat KeepAway 2 times out of 2 matches and had fun with him on messages. He sent similar ones to me, but his logic failed when he was complaining about run away when I had just beat him in a ditto.

I’m going to nominate “KeepAwayIsAJoke” on PS3. First time he beat me when my screen glitched, then the second time I played him he played BH/Sentinel/Juggernaut, one of the worst keepaway teams ever? OK, I play MM/Cable, I’m a keepaway bastard and I’m a cheap bastard, I’ll admit it, but I just hate it when people make fun of other people and then rub it in. If you’re going to be cheap at least stand up and admit it!

More hatemail to boot, but mostly from scrubs who don’t deserve mention on SRK, using mostly Ryu/Ken/Akuma/Spider-Man/Wolverine/Jin/Hayato bottom tier BS.

Ragequits don’t bother me, free win for me, and it looks bad on YouTube and on stream in front of my friends.

Counterpicking, ugh, I have to do it, it’s going around like a madhouse lately. I’m seeing it like every match now.


ArmandoXIII finally got some footage of JKDthe1andOnly whining, so it’s added.


Add PSN: MacabreCutsman to this here wall o’ shame.

Loses to low tier vs low tier while using some ruby sublimination mashing strat (yea it was ass tastic)

Sends excuse like “you suck b/c I’ve been playing mvc3 and should have lost worse”

Then comes back with cable/sent/cyclops vs thanos/hulk/ken… and he’s doing the standard jump back/mash mando and firing random supers. Ken comes in and kills off his whole team (including a single throw reset into thanos bubble to 100% his sent).

Then flees and sends msg saying something like “Yea I know how to lame out a win also… you have no skill.”

Typical net scrub… can’t fight close… can’t rush… using no high level strats in spite of picking gods… then talking shit. Bum with no respect.

Glad I played on 360. PS3 seems to have the cream of the crap.


PSN- SANRA0920 is a extreme counterpicker and runs away hard. I havent had any other experience with him, just a for-warning to anyone who isnt all that great at this game like me who may end up playing him. He ragequitted last match cause he got cocky and ended up about to lose to timer.

edit: Kdog2009 that Rogue/Storm/Cable? Dude is legit and doesnt need to be on the list, he beat me so bad he actually sent me a message APOLOGIZING saying he should of layed off on the pressure lol >_>