Hatin' from experience, the LouisianA Thread Live by our rep


I remember this place… RIP


fuck outa here kota


I’ll see you guys on reddit. :stuck_out_tongue:


/me pours out some liquor for #lashittalkin


still active with over 10 people on the reg ricky idk why u waste alch


Where’s the best place for games in BR? I’m here in BR for the next few months for work… Reddit link?


Nvm. Found link! Sent request to join FB group.


best thing is we actually used FB for matchmaking, which we never did here LOL


Hello do you all still play at Dibbz


i think its now at ICE and golden chariot


Where are these locations dont know where either one of those spots are


Here’s the page for Golden Chariot. I don’t have a clue about ICE. A buddy is coming in from out of town and was interested in hitting up an arcade for old-times sake, so maybe we’ll stop by Golden Chariot.


Golden Chariot isn’t an arcade, it’s more of a lan cafe. Dibbz only has a mvc2 cab and multicade. Laser tag has ticket based arcade games and a pump it up machine.

Other than that its dead.


Hey guys, trying to find a local trader so I can get a good 360 stick (all I own are PS3 sticks). I’m offering everything in this package (or less depending on stick quality)

Everything works, the namco is ugly, needs a new spring, but it works, had to repaint on top for rust, paint is coming off again in the bottom left corner, but would make an awesome mod box. Round 2 TE works perfectly, I barely used it, some slight cosmetic surface scratches like most sticks have, can take HD pics of them if needed. All 3DS games come with their boxes, and guides. I got a 3DS as a gift, tried to buy some games for it, hated it. Can’t sell the 3DS as it was a gift but can trade out the games I bought.

Any offer will be considered!


Join if you play on PC!


Anyone know if tiger uppercut is still a thing at LSU?


as far as i know, it is NOT a thing anymore. also the Cove tournaments in BR have been moved to the 2nd sunday of the month…or so the owner of Cove says.


As a fyi for people that check out this thread and wonder where everyone is at—search on Facebook for Louisiana Fighting Game Community and request to join the group. There are also Facebook groups for the different scenes in Louisiana (Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport, and Lafayette). Be sure to introduce yourself when you join so you can be directed to the people you need to meet and the local Facebook of your community.

Here’s the direct link to the group actually: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LouisianaFGC/


RIP to a simpler time.

I can’t lie, I miss it.


why even say that when you killed it?